Must Read: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 4


A Story written by Therock5555…

She felt it willingly, the next time she pressed backwards, she positioned her Buttocks crack between my legs and stab herself backwards, I nearly cried out as my dickk almost felt like breaking into two, she continued her wicked tease and I was too ashamed or scared to speak about it. Finally it got to her turn, the line was now free but she still remained glued to me. I was going hysterical.

“How would you hide that when I leave the line?” She whispered as she collected her teller.

My eyes widened in shock, that was true, I was next and I had a tent in my trousers, I quickly put my hand in my pocket and tried to grab the stubborn snake but it was there forming Jet Li stunts, I finally grabbed it and push it in pains into one leg of my trousers, if you looked at me closely you would realise one of my leg was fatter than the other. She grinned when she didn’t feel my dicck behind her again and collected her teller, she thanked me and walked off.

I rushed forward towards the window to cover myself cause it was still obvious if you really looked at me.

“Guy shift back” the man ordered.

“Sir I’m okay like this” I barely whispered back.

“Chai, guy just stay there” he said when he noticed my problem, he was laughing hard and telling a female colleague in his office about it, the useless woman came to the window, looked at me and joined in the laughter, I was now a comedian that made people laugh without saying a word. “Guy the babe carry package Sha, no be your fault, how wish I was in your shoe” he consoled as he wrote some information on the teller and then in a book before giving the teller to me.

I began walking away like a three legged man, trying to accommodate my extra leg wasn’t easy, as I cursed and turn the corner I almost bump into her. That wicked smile of hers was still painted on her lips like a mannequin.

“E still never sleep back?” She asked laughing.

“That’s not funny” I replied feeling mad at everything in the world.

“Eh, well thanks for everything, I wouldn’t have collected this teller without your help, at least come to my house lemme cook for you Na” she teased. That moment I realized that I was super hungry.

“Where’s your house?” 

“Just across the road from the school gate” she said still eyeing my raging member.

I nodded and pocketed my hands as we walked together, she was talking about herself but I was too pissed off to care, I just nodded intermittently time to time and kept walking. Her room was everything a girl would dream of, from the coarse rug carpet to the highly decorated room with flat screen television and satellite dish, her big king size bed stood on four bed post, an AC hung on the wall, it was a self contain flat, her kitchen and bathroom were at adjacent angles at both side of the room, everything read ‘runs girl’ to me.

“Welcome to my humble abode, sorry if it’s not up to your taste, I’m still buying things” she said and stripped of her tank top, my jaw dropped, if after all the appliances i saw and she was still claiming she hadn’t finished buying things yet, then I wondered what remained, maybe a car or private jet.

“Your house is okay joor” I said trying as much as possible not to look at her because it seemed like my eyes and dicck had reached an agreement to frustrate my life. My dickk was daring me to try it so that it could raise up its ugly head once more. I moved to her books and slipped off her magazines to view.

Ten minutes later, a steaming plate of rice was staring at me, I dug into it carelessly even before she brought water and a pack of Hollandia yoghurt, she finally took of her Jean after a few struggle, with just a tiny pant she stood before me, I couldn’t even swallow my food again.

“It’s my room and I needed to bath, and since you were eating I couldn’t send you out, so I hope you are not scared” she explained when I kept staring like I asked her to explain. I swallowed hard as my eyes followed her to the bathroom door, she threw her panties and bra out when she stepped in. My dicck went into psycho frenzy mood, it was throbbing hard, every moment the shower stirred, it reacted. I could barely eat again as I lost appetite for one food and hungered for another.

She came out of the bathroom with a large white towel around her chest then let it drop when backing me, she opened her back and was searching for a piece of cloth. Gaaaawwwwdddd, I was so mesmerized, she turned in time to catch me staring stupidly, I was embarrassed as I tried turning away but my head was already in the same gang with my eyes and dickk and they warned my neck to remain in place as my brain soaked in every information it saw.

She finally took out another blue pant and put on, then grabbed a white short nightie to wear, she didn’t wear a bra. My eyes followed as she walked into the kitchen and came back with a spoon.

“Seems like you suddenly lost your appetite? Lemme join you jare” she said laughing as she dug into my food. I muttered to myself and kept eating slowly, my eyes flirting to her chest time to time trying to catch sight of one Tips or so.

“Finish and go and bath o” she urged me, “I’m sure you have sweat tire”

“Uh?” I answered, my mind was elsewhere as I struggled to hide my raging member, I told her I was gonna bath when I got home but she was adamant and called me a weakling, I got up, turned my back to her and stripped off, leaving my boxer on I walked to the bathroom, her soap perfume still lingered heavily as I took a sharp breath and took off my boxer, my hard dickk was still solidly erect like I was a victim of Viagra poisoning, I was tempted to masturbate there but I rubbished the idea and jumped into the shower, as the water touch my body I was so glad that she forced me to bath.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 17, 2016 — 8:20 pm

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