Must Read: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 9


A Story written by Therock5555

When she finally stopped breathing like a mad goat, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, I didn’t wait for a compliment as I rushed her and began kissing her hard, one of my hands found those Bosom that got me fantasising, I kneaded her arealoa with my fingers before replacing my mouth on her right Bosom, while my hands worked on the left, some minutes later I transferred to the left Bosom while she rubbed my head like she was mixing cream, slowly I cradled downwards, attacking that tender clit again, I was sure all her neighbors might have been thinking she was undergoing exorcism rituals from an ordained priest. In another ten minutes she was thrashing helplessly into another climax.

“Please Bleep me, just fucck out my senses” she pleaded while I smiled and reached down yanking off my boxer, my wide grin turned into pure embarrassment. My dickk was still sleeping like a child in his mother’s arms, in fact it even used one of my balls as pillow.
“What are you waiting for? Fucck me please, abi you want me to beg you, oh you need a condom…..” then she opened her eyes and looked at me. “I thought… wait abi you have realise again?” 

“Babe I don’t understand o” I said frowning.

“Haha haha, abi do you need drugs, I have some that my alhaji’ use to take when he couldn’t rise enough to bang me” she began searching for something near her bed.

Chaiiiiii see as my life have finish, so Na old man alhaji’ nai person dey compare me with, that was as shameful as things could get, me wey don go on two weeks straight bleeping spree, nai even second round dey hard me, not after a thirty seconds first round, she threw a packet of Viagra and two gold circles to me and got up to get water. Chimooo, my life have cast, if someone had told me I’ll have that kind of experience even before clocking twenty, i would have sucker punched that person to Mars.

“Babe I can do it without drugs, I be calabar man” I said as she brought the water for me.

“What concerns your tribe and raising your dickk back to life, I’m even helping you sef because you have made me feel really good today atleast apart from Approaching in my mouth” she joked and dropped the water next to me.

I frown and looked at the naughty child below that was trying to disgrace me, I slapped it, chided it, thug it, shouted at it all to no avail, she just sat at the edge of the bed laughing at my stupidity, then like a prayer being answered, my dickk slowly began springing back to life.


“I hope, you would reach atleast five minutes” she joked.

I didn’t answer her, my small man had a mouth of its own and it vowed to make her pay. Slowly I came back to full length as I stroked it and put on a condom, she parted her pink Kittycat and laid down with a pillow under her back, she was giving me directions and I was so glad to follow as I slowly fill her up, her insides held me warmly, when I was fully in, I stopped moving and enjoyed the moment.

“Don’t tell me you have realized again”

Shiiit, I just vex, I withdrew like almost completely and then slammed back in with force, she screamed in surprise and pleasure which I could term as ‘sursure or pleaprise’ as she tried grabbing my arse to aid in the work done thinking I was lazy but I proved her wrong, I fucvked her like never done before, I was doing almost hundred strokes per minute, she was trashing around and screaming her lungs off, urging me to fucck her till she dies, shiooo who wan go prison Na, I had to slow down, she pushed me off and changed position.

Her marvelous arse was turned to me while she went on all fours, I took the invitation willingly, banging her while slapping that Buttocks as hard as I could, each time she groaned in pain-pleasure, I kept banging her till she came for the third time and collapsed with me still inside her. This time I continued stroking in and out not minding if she had collapsed or not, when I was almost getting scared, another moan escaped her lips.

“Dude you no dey tire” she whispered as she made me pull out, I laughed as I noticed my condom had bursted.

I removed the stupid rubber and replace it with her mouth as she made me lie down, this time I was super ready as she worked hard with her mouth sending waves and waves of pleasure shooting through my body. She asked if I did Anal, I said no so she climbed me in a reverse cow girl and continued banging, this time she didn’t bother using a condom again. In my mind I was like “if I go do test and I get any sickness ehhhh….”

After long waves of pleasure giving and exhausting all the styles we could remember from Kamasutra, we collapsed, spent, happy, fulfilled. She was the first to get up, I looked at my dickk and smiled as it was not like a two year old child’s again. She brought back two containers of Hollandia and poured me one before kissing me and feeding me the chilled drink.

“You tried dude, I would have asked you to be my boyfriend but I don’t do young boys, because they have nothing to offer me, maybe till I want to get married Sha but that would be in a long time” she exclaimed.

“Me too I would have asked you to be my girlfriend but obviously I don’t date people that I don’t know their name” I joked back as we both laughed. “I’m Peter by the way.” I said offering my hand, she laughed and shook me.

“I’m Ruth, nice to Bleep you Peter.”

I grabbed my boxer and got my trousers were she hid it, she grabbed the bed sheet and use as a wrapper as she went out to get my shirt.

“Ruth which oga you wan kill inside Na” a neighbor ask her.

“You no go understand ooo” Ruth said as I heard her walking back.

She was smiling when she handed my shirt over, I didn’t bother to ask why she was grinning and she didn’t bother telling me either. She gave me another plate of rice with a large piece of meat untop.

“Shey you know this won’t happen again, I don’t date young guys so just remove your mind from any thoughts of wooing me” she warned as I was about leaving.

“I haven’t even thought of it either, it’s cool with me, you won’t even see me in this area again, in fact I don’t even know you” I smiled and open the door.

She rushed me and devoured my mouth in another hot bout of kiss, I fully allowed it as I grabbed that Buttocks for the last time, my dicck wanted to respond but I quickly rebuke it.

“I would have love you to stay overnight atleast but my sugar daddy is coming to get me in two hours time, I hope he doesn’t tries bleeping me oo, if not his small dickk would be like it entered swimming pool” she breath into my ears, I laughed like I was going nuts.

As soon as I stepped out, a crowd of witness filled outside awaiting the arrival of the fucck king, shiooo come see as I just dey bounce like Wiz Khalifa, I put my ear phones without music so that I could hear what they would say when I pass them.

“Chai, Na even this small boy”

“Kai this guy Na bad guy o”

“Damn Na this boy dey make this girl scream like this?”

“Nawao this boy don chop wetin him father mates dey chop” e.t.c………

I just smiled as I walked down to get a bike home…….

P.S – Three months later, I went for test and I was Negative 


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