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The teacher called me out and told me to face the wall…  (scared )

Teacher: Give me the the list of noise maker

Class captain: ma nobody is make noise (sch grammar )

Teacher: hmmmmm OK u come out and chop the  cane for everybody

Class captain:( put his hand on is head) haaaa moge but anty Kelvin and Bukky is making noise dey are d only one

Teacher: I know dat already

Me:  haaa aunty it’s a lie oo

Teacher: (raising her cane up) will u shut up!!!! And Bukky again? You are a great disappointment

Bukky: Aunt it is Kelvin that is talking to me ooh

(Raise my hand on by head) Choi double barrel at a goal,  I don finish Shaa. A student came into our class and called our Teacher out

Senior : Excuse me ma, You are being called

Fifteen mins latter

The same senior

Senior: who is Kelvin

Me: (raised my hand up ) am the one

Senior:  principal is calling u
Me (jokingly ) wat I do? Is he talk to me (facing the class)

senior: stupid boy wen u reach principal office ask her..


I saw a parent seated in the principal office

To Be Continued…

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