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Haa…  Mr and Mrs adebango.. mummy dress like an harlot. Nawa oooo dis woman jazy Mr adebanjo wore his army uniform and frown his face
Looking down I saw Bukky on her knees with tears still surprised  looking like if am doomed oga oooo!!! I stand like if I was teleported to de office
I heard a thick voice my heart shake hearing Mr bada voice……

Mr Bada: I can’t find a sweet cane ma you(pointing his cane @ me  ) what are u doing here…. 

Me:  (ran away ) it is principa dat calling me (the principal and Mr bada looked at me in a disappointed way.

Principal:  were are u going. Come here infact lie down on the floor.. stupid boy..

Confused don’t know wat happen I asked my self wat has Bukky done? is it because of the kiss issue..?

Me: (speaking without. Thinking)  excuse me ma it is nt her I write d thing to

Mr bada:  shut up boy

Principal:  u are a disgrace to dis school

We heard a loud sound of slap  yeeeeehhhhh

Mr adebango:  (after slapping )

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To Be Continued…

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