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…Person wehe chop dat slap go faint.

Principal: (stood up to defend her)pls sir don’t be angry it there age sir d will have such a problem…

Mr adebanjo:  u are a disgrace to our family So u can still lie to me

Me:  (surprised mummring) have nt done anything now

Bukky: daddy am saying the truth he didn’t write it I picked. On the floor

I was confused again my heart was in disarray

Mr adebanjo: you (pointing to me) do u want to spoil my daughters life

Me:(looking surprised)” in my mind because. Of uniform I port gentle ” am sorry sir

Mr bada: they will be punished tomorrow at d assembly ground and they will serve as warning to other student

I can’t say a thing because of the condition I am

Oga oooo….  I no do anything and I want to be beaten


Kelvin. U are late for school mum shouted I felt like someone brought me back to life  (feel down) like I should faint ni sha

Mum: Kelvin have you done your assignment

Me: sure trust me mum

Mum sure I do but let me see it

Me:mum look at the time am late for school (rushing out of the house)

Mum: Kelvin come here and let me see ur assignment

Me: trust me mum I have done it

Walking to school like a hopeless stranger but something happened dat changed everything….

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To Be Continued…

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