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Guess what a car splashed Water on me and am like

Me: stupid man!!  Haaaahaaa (shouting)

The car reversed to met I was like if dis man see me I will send hell to his generation. Guess who

Haaaaa Oga soga

Mr adebanjo: sorry kid (smiles) come in let go and change ur drees…

Yea like say I see devil (coming down out his car) I ran with full race like say death dey chase me I got home  seeing Mrs advancing with mum and Bukky (Bukky crying heavly ) oga ooooo kasala Don bust oooo I ran to school with my white uniform dirty…. 

Getting to school I saw Mr choice.and 2 police men… haaa dis poor  new copper dat one no concern me but surprised…  Mr adebanjo car is been  parked under one of our love trees I have to join d frogs in there jump cuz am ready late  while jumping.I heard my name I ran what dis principal again
I dropped my bag to a junior. And ran to d assembly podium I was surprised to see jadesola on her knees mum and mama adebanjo shouting on top of there voice

Mum: don’t tell me what not my son can never do dis (in tears )I trust my son

Looked at her pitifully I no know watin I cause oooo


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To Be Continued…

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