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Principal:  u all are surprised @ wat u are seen the truth will be revealed hmmmm Bukky come and be on your knee
Look @ this useless boy he watch blue film in the class even sell it am I lieing (referring to me)

Me: (surprised ) me? Blue. Film never over my dead body…

Principal:  do you have a phone

Me: Yes ma

Principal: do u bring it to school

Me:  no ma

Principal: (calling a senior to search me )

After thorough searching.  innocent Me keep smiling

Senior boy: Nothing is there ma

Principal: u have eye witnesses

Me: (confidently ) I want to know them

(Murmuring on the assembly.ground )

Principal:  keep quiet jadesola and Bukky Should come out

Tears started coming out from my eyes

Jadesola: (came out confidently).ma it is very true he show me and Bukky and even promised to buy some for us

Principal: thank u now bukky is ur turn

Bukky: (came out shaking ) she started crying an looked into my eyes with tears and said Yes it true

I feel like fainting so this is the end of my schooling

But something happened. That changed my destiny….

To be continued

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