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Bukky: ma it a lie Kelvin is innocent he does not bring phone to
school or watch pornography in
the class I will bear my responsibility to the full…. (weeping)

Omo like say dem carry heavy load
commot for my
head I detected relieved die but still I pity her

Principal: in that case both of them will
be suspended till forder notice. (Marching song )

        (Student singing )


This jadesola friend and bukkys neighbor
came to me she is also a
Boss in gossip
and rumor penduler we call her (miss  fabulous )

koyinsola: k b (Kelvin )how’s u (smile)

me: Bea kul

Koyin: u still detected find bea data one no teach u lesson

Me: no spoil my mood oooo

Koyin:leave dat one u know wating bukky do

Me: how I go know abeg touchlight matter

Koyin:  she dey write love letter to copper.
And jadesola Don Fork copper infact copper
wan Fork Bukky wen dey were caught…

Me: watin come concern my matter

Koyin: u know say Principal and some them Teacher hate u and since she said na u carry am go copper house so dem one put u to trouble….


koyin: shea I tell u anything?

Me: u say something?

Koyin:  no fall my hand ooooo

Me:  no p bea
.Koyin:  u don hear say Milo dey come our school today to look 4 talented one’s go register ur name with Mr bada

(After The 1st Break is over)

Our class Teacher came in with a lady maybe a girl sha very beautiful…
  she’s white.
As snow long dark hair Sekxy curves with
nice Bosom my heart freezed
up my eyes meet with her and I was like on fire
all the guys in d class looked
at her in an amazing
way looking around it my seat
dat empty their is
high possibility dat the girl will seat beside. Me 

But I just dey hope …..

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To Be Continued…

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