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Teacher : here is a new student. Her name is ewatomi

Me: (raised my hand) anything free space is here

Teacher: who told u to talk (everybody laughing) stand up and close. Ur eyes

Haaa y I talk self blaming my self in front of a fine girl..

Teacher shola go and seat beside Kevin and ewa go and seat beside james
Teacher left the class and the student are relocating

Shola: Hey u don’t disturb me oooo and face ur business….

Me:henn Wu Ur business EPP

The Milo Rep are around and they are setting the podium with good sound system. Some idiot are already peeping like say them never drink Milo for them life i   have to register for this talent show

Me: excuse me say I want to put myself inside the list

Mr bada:come and enter now useless fellow get out of my sight b4 I bounce on u
Me: bounce on u is a song by Drake But. Bounce with money on me…

Music is going on we are all called out omo I see my best instrument

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To Be Continued…

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