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Getting close to door still hearing d voice clearly piping trough the door to find any hole in it cant find any haaaa watin I do shey make I open d door abi make I knock I said to myself u will wait her for them to come out and I will see them omo I wait tyire ooooo


Steven came back and I am still anxious to know this people

Steven: hey boy come ya I won 6 set and am the highest goal scorer

Me: wu dat one EPP watin do me pass dat one (wanted to spill it but thinking blood is thicker than water will steven side me or his mum?) Heey bobo I see one friend request from a guy tomilewa62. U know d guy

Steven : na dat one I go dey put 4 head … Abeg u don chop

Me: go back were u dey come from dey will give u food stupid fellow

Steven: U Dis bastad were my mummy dey

Me: look my head see ur mum…

Hitting my head

Steven: mummy….!!!! mummy …!!!!

I left for my room piping trough my door someone opened the door guess who yeeeeeaa mummy steven and mr adebanjo passing the back door mummy steven half Unclad with a rapper on her waist
Something unexpectable happens my phone rang (playing  don’t stop by olamide.) Looking at me I quickly close my door….

*_Asking my self did dey see me_*

I waited for some mins to pass I kept thinking should I tell mummy on wst I see what will she say how will steven feel …

*After 4 hours*

I heard a knock on my room door

Kelvin!!!! Kelvin!!!

Come and eat!!!!

Woke up opened the door immediately I was scared seen mummy steven (smiling to me)

Mummy steven: hey boy come and eat it time to freshing up….



_*PREVIEW OF SEASON 3*_*consist of how I stated my relationship with ewatomi and how Bukky asked me out tales of mr adebanjo family Milo competition loading and exams.. keep anticipating for the next season*

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