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Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss “Season 2… Part 2


Written By Gentkiss???? (Whatsapp:07061306478)


Steven: dat thing na ojoro bobo.. I know no y dey choose Micheal  I score 86, and he score 84 (angry)????

me:  na me u dey vex for or na school

Stevo: abeg free me….

Me: I hold u

Stevo: shoro niyen….. 

Me:(beating him) laughing oyami lenu oooo

Feeling my self busting d rap in me with my demonstration

Stevo: people go think say u dey mad ni better do normal…

Me: Abeg free me…..

Stevo: mad friend

Me: proud u have a mad friend like me…..

Seeing some people from different school forming a  circle clapping

Me:stevo watin dem dey do their

Stevo: maybe gambling… 

Me: (looking at him in a stupid. Way ) dem go dey clap for were dey are gambling bobo I know sabi how u take pass ur common entrance…

Stevo: OK let check now

Getting nearer we hear beat made of mouth bass guy u go dance if u nai dey careful…

Joing the circle a guy ask  boy do u want to rep ur school ….

Looking at Steven he nods his head dat gives me a yes….
me: sure let roll

R.s.s guy : OK what ur name..

Stevo: #aka# kiss (Lol)

r.s.s guy:  OK here is kiss to Rep his school  foc **
Wu’s next to flow…
(The girl beside me raised her hands)

Lady r.d.h.s: makeup just a costume
Fyn girl just for bustom
Nigaz hold d street
Call for the empire
Call for the empire
baby wana call my name
Cus am the lord and empire king Hood forget d past and let fight d present

(Clapping )
I know she gat d talent but she’s week to flow

Me: Ahhy, man I remember ‘fore I stay that way, let me issue this
No way should reflection be mistaken for glorification
Now I remember so vivid, me and my niggaz was livin
Sub-standard condition, still handlin business (that right)
Still laughin and trippin, still happen to bitches (okay)
I’m rappin not reminiscin, and goddamn it we did it
From trappin, standin and pitchin with riches stand in the
Splittin it eight ways, flip it in eight days
Thought to wild and unruly but just the way to behave
Kept the weigh and the yay’ for most the paper we made
And all dimes, I ain’t lyin, the pleasure was all mine
Had big work to move but we served the small time
Always outshine the niggaz with small minds
Who would thought we’d be arguably the greatest of all
‘Round here, we develop such a sound down here
Been duplicated often still can only be found here
Only listen to G’s, that other Shtt I don’t hear
Shtt, they so far in the rear, why would I even care?
I’m too fit to bein a player, stare at niggaz careers
Been talkin ’bout it for years and now we finally here….

(Clapping hailing focus!! “””!!!!!!)

some min latter we were surrounded buy police

COPS: IF U MOVE !!!!!!

To be continued

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Posted by on Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. this is getting interesting ……
    Gentkiss kip it up

    by mz baddo on Nov 10, 2016 at 10:21 am Reply

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