Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss “Season 2… Part 3


Written By Gentkiss???? (Whatsapp:07061306478)

I ran away so fast as my leg could carry me (hearing Steven voice )

Steven: haaa…  my leg (he fell )

I turned back and shouted

Me: Steven!!!!!!  (The bond between me and Steven is so strong that I ran back to pick him BUT SUDDENLY WE HEARD

cop:  if u take a step

We waited and i was scared because dis my fist visit to the jail thinking about my sick dad….  I felt pity for my self

Steven:( a low voice) thank u.

Me: u say wat

Steven (shouted loudly ) thank u!!!!

Policeman: kilodey e genu eyin si owoun (yoruba)

unknown guy: baba awa no here watin u deY yan oooo my own be say I know dis anything just do wat drop me here next street name my street

Everybody looked at him with a bad eyes returned faceses to us in a funny way (everybody laughing )

Policeman: u deY happy Wen u deY go station abi

Unknown:  hey baba u don old better leave dis work and face ur wife

ME:pls sir release me I was just chilling am nt part of them

Policeman: why you dey run stupid boy

I always face my mistake dat The real me (legendary hustuler )
One bald headed policeman   talked infact his head was like a mirror to me I can see my clear image

Bald policeman : oof ur uniform and come and give me ur parent number

Me: sir please I don’t want to call mum crying

Bald policeman: oooooya but you have to give us any of ur peoples number it d protocol

I reluctantly gave them my mums number

Another cop: next!!!!!

Steven: moved closer to the man

Police: u don’t look like a tug and y are u among them OK give us ur mums number

Steven gave them my mums number u might be suprised y my mums number was given steven parent are working for us in fact his dad is our driver and his mum is our housemaid And she does nt have a phone uve seen the type of person I am

Steven worked in my cell sitting down thinking of how to face this current problem without dads concept 


Policeman: u (pointing at me) are u kelvin?

    To be continued
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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:20 am

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