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Geting to the station counter  seeing my
mum Steven mum and dad haaaaa… Am
finished wen
was daddy back I asked my self but what
surprised me was that mum was
crying a lot( she fainted trying to talk to me )

Me: mummy pls (climbed the counter) mummy….!!!!

Policeman: (drawing me back ) hey what
are u doing do u know the implication….

Me: please leave me (struggling to hold mummy)

Dad : help me..!!!!

d principal rushed in and some of my
neighbors rushed in and carryed mum out

(Carrying mum out)

Principal: pls I want to bail him

Policeman: come on Monday

Principal: pls help me now

Policeman: u don’t  understand simple English

Steven:( came out with a big blow and he
was like he
was crazy) kelvin wat happening

I have never seen dis seen dis side of steven before really surprised I started crying

Me (mumbling words) steven (crying) my mum…

Steven: shouting (wat happened) looking angry…..

The policemen held him and bust out in tears

Steven: Kelvin …. Mummy wat (word murmured)

…Back in prison..

Cell Tiger : boy don’t forget wat I told u be strong and be calm

Turtle dove: remember ur rap here u never lack until lack likes u..
U remember wat i
rap as reply I told u dat u will lack if u are
a coward and likes strikes with strokes of bitter

Me : y y…!!! Y… Me … Y d owl world turning against me weeping wu will EEp me …

Steven: hey y u crying u don’t know wat happened and u are here Crying

(Everybody calm down )

I stated shouting but suddenly knoked out boo

Saturday morning

Wore up still feeling the pain  looking around I noticed I am in my room .,..

(Hearing some noise down d stairs)…

To be continued

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To Be Continued…

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