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*My Story*

Coming down d stairs some people ran and held me

Me (running to mum) mama  wat wrong y are u crying …

Mum: (sighed) it u u are the cause of my tears

People around started saying iya kelvin don’t say dat God knows d best

Me: God knows wat… Best to wat tell me( shaking my mum )tell me !!!! Wat happened where is daddy

(seeing daddy coming in from the door )

Now confused about what happened

Me:So u don’t want to tell me I left angrily…..

Going to the kitchen of thinking wat to d
o to make dem
tell me looking at d knife I said to myself
dat knife death will painfull
Looking at the cabinet I saw milk I poured it in a cup yes I will tell them this is dettol

Me: (got to the parlor ) don’t tell me
I will kill my self
because wat am holding is detol

Me: don’t near me!!!!!!!

Mummy : pls son don’t do Dis u are my only
son and child I have

Me (*Crying*) pls tell me what happened

Dad: your mums grandpa is sleeping

Me: crying wake
him up now…..( jumped up ) rolled on the floor crying….

Dad: he had an
accident wen he heard u were in d prison….

Even now I know the cause of his death I shouted

Me:  I killed my
grandpa** big daddy** tell
me u are alive … U said I should find my
self and live up to it ** I have done dat
papa pls wake up and hear it… Papa papa *crying*

*To be continued*

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