Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss “Season 2… Part 7


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Looking round locating his bag on top of is wardrobe.. I saw some files and pictures under his bag looking at the bag makes me crazy (crying) because of my stupidity I lost my best friend Grandpa…. I check the photo looking at the smile of his like he should come in suddenly some one touched me ….

Hey boy stop crying I was shocked thinking it was grandpa .. Ha relieved to see it was daddy…

Daddy: boy don’t cry papa want the best for u … U have to comfort ur mum and stand firm am traveling tomorrow to Spain for my business Trip be a good boy have left some money for ur use at ur account and ur mum av paid for all necessary bills

Dad left the room not minding wat he said I remain in my position still like that I was determined to live up to his wish….

I stood up at nit and remembered about those things he told me to check I opened his bag and opened his bag looking at it tears came out and entered his bag I brought out the letter ….

*Dear friend*

    I know wen u will read Dis letter I may be no more remember all wat I have told u and keep ur promise to stand firm with ur mum
      Baby boy u have to be determined to make it in life ur promise to care for ur mum u must keep it u must work hard and don’t depend on ur dads wealth I have a lot to tell u but I can just remember right now yes I wrote some lines for u u should practice it a lot and get d answer to d song … Yes dat my assignment for u .
     U will find it at my house at my home town in a box under my bed
Boy i wish u long live and prosperity to you…

           Yours Grandpa

Kelvin… Kelvin!!!!!!  Someone searching for me
Wu mit dat be moving out of d room looking at d stairs I saw Steven crying

Me: hey !!! Where were u???

Stevo : idiot no b d prison u live me putting me in suspense….

Me: (tears row down my chick) *u Dis bastad* (beating him and crying)

Suddenly I felt a knock out and I fainted I woke up *Sunday morning*

I .meet a letter beside me son am left with ur dad I can’t cope staying home I wanted to talk to u but u were asleep…don’t worry mummy Steven will take care of u… Be a Good Boy

This all about my parent traveling travel and traveling nawa oooo no time 4 a family meal…

I heard a mummy Steven shouting

Mummy Steven : Steven!!! Steven!!!!!! Where have u been …

Coming down stairs surprised seeing

       *To be continued*

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