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A Sekxy girl backing me…

Mummy Steven : hey kelvin were is Steven

Me: the last time I saw him was in my dream

She turned around in this short clumsy gown made me blush immediately guess who…. It Bukky yepa is ….Dis a consolation  Or a potential striper…. (Blushing)

Someone hit my head and broke our love string mutchuuu….. Dis Steven gornor.. He dey like spoil paro

Stevo: hey stupid u awake u dey sleep like say u drink ode omo… a

Bukky taut my mum was around dat y she asked for Steven haaa my mum is a lion yeeeeh u most write a letter b4 u can visit me … Muchtuuu.!!!! Na Dis circle I dey

Bukky: u two are blind u can’t see dat someone is in ur front

Looking at our self

Steven : do u hear any voice
Me : yes but cant find dat person (looking around)

Bukky: enn I will be going to church den

Me: hey come her u were looking for Steven abi here he his

Steven: u dey jealous

Bukky: forget about wu I came for I just want to greet u sorry about that

Me: God knows d best

Bukky :training t cry too much ennn sorry

Me: Thanks. …

(Knock on the door)

Mama steven: wu be dat Steven u no fit open door…

….Baby how u …. Wu be Dis
Hey Koyin bawo

Koyin: baby bawo I hope u dey kanpe

Nawa oooo Dis girl needs home training

Mummy Steven: Steven !!!! Steven !!!!

Me : u deaf (talking to steven)

Mummy steven: Kelvin!!!! Kelvin!!!!!

Me : ooooh steven ur mummy Cary speaker for mouth

Stevo: lol… No be only speker na head set…

Mummy steven: Jepele jepele arugbo je gbese tani o so fun mi…..

Me: mama I go pay is me pay for u ….

Koyin : Bukky am going are u coming with me

Bukky : yess now… Sure banker

Steven: let me see u off

Me : no u go and answer mummy I will follow them

*Mummy steven can and spank us hard …*

Mum steven: u both u don’t have ears

Me : mummy is not dat we do not have ears but d does not have d right efficiency and effectiveness to hear u properly …..

Mummy steven : so u mean u are deaf

Me : (pointing at all of ours) No we are deaf

Steven : stupid boy get out of here now

Me : Ogun abi asee..

Mummy Steven :(asking me ) are u going to church

Me : hm…. Ye (shouting Up NEPA ) No ma am tried

Steven : were are does two rat

Me : they are in ur room

Mummy steven : come and eat and steven get prepared for church

Steven: ohhhhhh ooooo I dont want to go look

Me : omo esu come on go to church u want to stay home and play games abi

Steven : I want to read

*Got to my Room And logging in my 2go acct*

I saw something ooo next episode of my story written by gentkiss will tell us …

*To be continued*

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