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A friend request from someone I have never imagined to be ooooh were steven self

Me: steven!!!!!!!! Were Dis idiot dey

Mum steven : he go church ….

Me :???? ok ma!!!!

I decline d request (_ I hate male to send me request wen I no be gay)

Playing a football game (phone ringing)unknown number

Me: hello

Unknown: hey baby boy I was just released today I will contact u later

Me: hello pls wu am I talking too

Unknown: hey cell tiger boy

Me : hey innocent criminal

Cell tiger: bad boy …. Rapper mi …

Me: hello hello hello…(he hanged up)

Haaaa Dis bastard called me sha ( continue my Game).


Someone tapped me hey kelvin time to wewe

Me: how can I bed wet am I a baby (wakeing up) Steven u get problem oooo ????

Stevo: u are my Problem get up now

Me: begging or command ….

Stevo: oya pls

Standing up reluctantly steven said

Stevo: I want to go and play ball

Me: all the best oooooo????

Going back to bed steven drag me and said let go

Me: u know I hate playing football I don’t like it????????

Stevo: but u like football game????????

Leavening for the field Steve said my boot !!!!;

Me: let me take mine too

Got inside …climbing the stairs wondering were mummy could keep the boot…. I decided to check her room to my surprise I heard some voice coming out of my mums room like haaaa…. ohhhhsss
…… Thinking if Knowing someone is having S£x in my mums room)

*Could Dis be mum or who could Dis be* ????????????

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