Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss “Season 2


Written By Gentkiss (Whatsapp: 07061306478)

(School bell ringing)

everybody expecting the announcement of closing…. but an emergency bell was rung
Everybody assembled and Mr Johnson (H.O.D) of science department…

Mr Johnson:  hmmm welcome all of u!!  It a privilege to announce some individual that will be  representing our school in but the Cowbell mathematics competition and the Inte Milo talent show This is all about hardwork so it can be u next do nt give up and study hard to be called out one day…pls this people to be called should come out it d junior Cowbell mathematician names are pls clap for dis amazing and hand working student!!!!!  Bukky adebanjo….  Evelyn Ola*-** ….. ABA Israel….. Akindu ** Michel… 
(Clapping continues)
Now it our multi  talented. Student pls stand up for bolexy (Nike name  ) and Kelvin

My head swell up it about to bust but I have to keep it kul…

Principal:  Now it time for them to promise us that they will do their best by been hardworking and ask for anything from us to do to help them now I will come on their captain.. ABA Israel..

(student. Clapping????????????????)

Isreal:  It a privilege to stand here to represent the school to attain success like our motto our focal point is?? (student shouted ) success…..

(Impressive )aloud clap.. clapping continues???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? **Evelyn step up d platform

Evelyn:  it true they say that hard work is the key to success and I will do my part in dat to bring d success to the school

(Less clapping???????????????????? )Michael stepped up

Michael: to be sincere I don’t have much to say but we all  have been talking about success since….  data shows victory is sweet and we have to taste how sweet it is…!!!!

Bukky:I have a lot of debt to pay to many people (looking at me) so I must be part of dis success….
(Clapping. Continues)

Mr Johnson: Now stand up for Kelvin & bolexy

I felt I was on top of the world ready to impress my Bea ** But principal spoil my paro sha… 

****Anticipating For The Next Episode Of My Story *****

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:20 am

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