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( *Knock on my door* )

I was happy thinking that it my turn to shine
Opened the door to my surprise I found out it was Esther ( chaiiii…. I disappointed ooooo omo see Dis fat girl no be the type I expect oooo) muchtttuu..!!!

Me: come in ….

She came in and sat down on the sofa d weight on the sofa made d sofa go down yeeeehhheee Dis chair go break shaaa….

Esther: sorry we heard today and I decided to. check on u sorry u hear….

Me: thanks,for coming (wanted to ask if others are coming …. But I coded it …..)
Hmmmm is steven on his way

Esther: hmmmm yes I think some people wanted to follow him ….

Yes!!!! Exactly wat I needed…. Looking up d stairs I saw mummy steven coming down….

Got up and headed to my room wen I got to her side she held me and put something in my pocket….

I got to my room to read it opening it I saw a letter in d envelope…..

*Hey boy I home uv told ur mum u want to host a party at home it will be risky u know…..*

The letter made no sense to me so I threw it away….

*15 minutes later..*

I heard a knock on my door wus dat

Hey bastard open the door

Me: stevo the might hw far now…. How the paro

Stevo:them no come ooooo

Me: haaaa see Dis useless fellow notin u fit do for me ….( Hissed)

Stevo: me!!!! Abi I go tell them u no dey around (leavening the room)

I rushed to hug him

Me: bea no vex na u sure pass as padi now Shea ewa Tomi come

Steven: no ooooo

Me: no wine me now

Steven: come check for ursrlf….

Got to d sitting room I saw all my class mate except ewa I saw a new girl (unknown)

Bukky: sorry ….

I hear like 140 sorry in 1 minute omo I suffer sorry ooooo….

This new girl fine oooo but she no yellow like ewatomi the girl fair in color shaaa..

She was looking at the keyboard beside the dining ….

Unknown: sorry do u play keyboard ….

Me: hmmmm a little grandpa do always….
Pls can I meet u (haaa always brave and forward)

Unknown: hmmm yes my name is korede a new student in our class …

Me: ok that good.. U are welcomed

Everybody start leaving one after the other

*At Night*

Steven: u dey go school tomorrow

Me: yes sure haha u want make my new bea miss me

Stevo: sheeaa korede omo no look her side she be my bea oooo

Me: I swear u be bastard na everybody be ur bea …..

*To be continued*

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