Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss ‘Season 3… Part 3


A Story written By *Gentkiss????* ( WhatsApp. No *07061306478*)

*At school the next day*

Everybody greeted me but even korede I was surprised nt to see Tomi even saying sorry

Coded am sha

Bukky: hey hw far

Me: not too far like…. hundred meters

Bukky: let go home together today…

Me: OK…. but dont waste my time ooooo…

Bukky: no I won’t

*P.H.E period*

Someone called me from d back I can’t. Fathom dat voice clearly 

Me: hey zup u

Ewa: hello how u

Me: am fyn a little bit fyn

Ewa: sorry about ur grandpa

Me: thanks

I noticed all the guys are staring at us

Me: OK wat group are u

Ewa: I think dsame group am group D

me: nice one I can teach u the code of winning …..(laughing)

Ewa: am not a losser (laughing at me)

Mr chucks (our p.h.e teacher): hello everybody go to ur group and choose ur leader

I was desperate to lead but unfortunately I was not chosen

Leader: kelvin will u run first

Me: sure

The race started I did all my best to impress ewatomi unfortunately no sign of my impression on her

I looked at her and she moved her face away from me

(Asking my self) is she shy to look at me or have I offended her by one of my actions while thinking about it some one called me kelvin!!!!!   kelvin!!!!!!!
Someone fainted …..
I rushed down there and I discovered it was ewatomi to my surprise … Nobody  touched her seeing mr chucks coming with speed I carried her and took her to d sick bay

*At the sick bay*

Principal: wat happened

Me: I passed by and I saw her on the floor

Mr bada rushed in and asked wat happened I didn’t answer him

The principal hit me on my head and said am I not d one his talking too

Me: am tried of repeating the same thing ma uve asked me up to 77 times

Mr bada: u dis kelvin ur mouth won’t kill u am telling u ….. Ur math teacher report dat u didn’t do ur assignment make sure u do it b4 closing today…..

I stood up and I left for class while leaving I heard dem saying words like…. tomi sorry…. wat happened …..sorry…. I realized she is awake

*Closing time*

Mr bada came in and ask for our math assignment haaaaa am finished Bukky borrowed my math note and I have not done the assignment….

Mr bada: If u have not done ur math assignment stand up

I stood up  gently but someone tapped me any give me my note wen my partner sitting down is been searched I opened my book and I saw the assignment been done I sat down quickly but mr bada slapped me and asked me to stand up back he thought I am playing pranks on him as I always do … Looking at Bukky she turned away from looking at me…

I was beating 3 strokes but before dat I complained that I was not in school dat I did it Dis morning

Mr bada: then y did u stand up

Me: I can’t find my book….

Mr bada: but ur math teacher said he checked ur Buttocks Dis morning ….

Me: (short of words) but sir… Am….

Was beaten like dat sha…

*While going home*

*To be continued*

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:20 am

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