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( At The School)
Looking around looking for ewatomi I saw mr ladele…

Mr ladele: hey do u know am ur new music teacher….

Me: ye…hhh.. No.. No sir .. No sir

Mr ladele: every lunch break come for ur practice

Me: sir …… Dat d time we will be serving our punishment…

Mr ladele: dat non of my business if dey born u well don’t come for ur practice….

Me: haaa master

Mr ladele: get out of here now…

(Sluggishly left) thinking of how stupid I am to come back to school and look for dat idiot…. Infact na me be idiot  oooohhh rain won fall sha….(running for were to find shelter)
….looking at an uncompleted building I saw Bukky (surprised)

Me: Bukky..!!!! (Running)

I wanted to met her in dat building but it looks old to me been in an uncompleted building with a girl I ran to an abandoned car…

Looking at her from the window… I saw her red bra  under her wet white shirt I went hard immediately …… Looking at her Sekxy figure made me crazy I immediately regretted not joining

A car passed by…. Guess wu *mr adebanjo* … Thank God am not with her daughter in dat building..

Me: Gud evening sir

Mr adebanjo: come in son

Me: Thank u sir
(wen I start to be his son mr guilty)

Bukky: daddy hw was the journey…

Yeeaaa which journey Dis man go (laughing)

Mr adebanjo: it was very stressful…. Am really tried

Nawa oooo so mummy steven Kittycat made u Dis tried ooooh mr soga after u na u ..oooo

*Next Day At School*



To Be Continued…

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