Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss ‘Season 3… Part 6


By Gentkiss (WhatsApp: 07061306478)


Good morerrrning sir…..
(School problem)
We greeted mr bada

Mr bada: ore stand up I heard u don’t write ur note to date ….. Am I lieing????

Ore: sir my not is complete… Is only basis science note

Mr bada: oya pack ur properties and come and seat in the front here (_pointing at my seat)
Sola pack ur things and go back to the back seat…

I was happy dis fine girl go seat beside me first time mr bada go help my condition….

*38 minutes later*

Me: hey … Hello ..ore am I right ….

Ore: yeah

Me: hw u

( *Bell ringing* )

Time keeper : lunch break

Me(stood up and ran out) see u later(shouting)

Steven: hey Kelvin were are u going come don’t coberlis urself…(lol).

After 14 minutes of practice…

Ewatomi: hey kelvin nice play … Love dat tone

Me: thanks are u note weeding

Ewatomi: no am not principal told me to stay in class

Me: so dis ur class

Ewatomi: hopefully (dohr…)

Me: mofor oooo na mi u dey dohr not ur fault sha…

Mr ladele: is dat wat I told u to play

Bolexy: kelvin check out dis new step …. (Singing) oya oya oya shoki and dab enen shoki and dab

Me: (laughing) is dat how to dab.. Check this out ( shoki and dabing)

Ewatomi: oya dab (dabing) ….

Me: (clapping ) nice one lady … Nice dabing
(Tongue out obi)

Ewatomi: my dads birthday is on dis Saturday can both of u come and do something for my dad….

Bolexy: (looking at me) *whinkling* yes sure….

Me: haha Chelsea vs gunners oooohhh I must skip one….. I will try sha

Ewatomi: (smiling) u must come

Me: ok I will … But am not promising u ooooo

Ewatomi: my own is for u to come oooo I will send my address to ur 2go yes y did u regect my friend request….

Me:  haaaa so u are d one send it again pls u hear…

Ewatomi: ok

After several practicing

*After d break*

Ore: y didn’t u join us in our work

Me:(laughing) no ur work

Ore: u not serious

Me: we working on a competition dat y am not arout…

Ore: so u and dat pumpus girl dey practice

Me: Wu’s u talking about ….

Ore: ewatomi of course

Me: haaaa and she’s nice oooo

*To be continued*

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