Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss ‘Season 3… Part 7


By Gentkiss (WhatsApp: 07061306478)

Bolexy: hey man

Me: bobo ma koba me ooooo I be boy

Bolexy: too good for dat

Ore: sup bro

Bolexy: sup little damsel…

Me:4k u niqqa all u know is girls

Bolexy: u know wat dey call me baba for the girls

Me: woman rappar ……

Bolexy: 4k u nid 2 go for ma class

Ore: bye bro ..

I hissed I taught he already gained Ore’s attention…..I just felt angry and gentle to my self I went home only by my self just for the first time….


Big naxt: my prison friend

Me: sup niqqa

Big naxt: u wana play …..

Me: no I don’t like playing football…..

Steven: hmmmm abi u no sabi play at all

Me: guy I no come met u abeg free me

Big naxt: omo u wan enter set (talking to steven)

Steven: sure bro kelvin set down and watch ma game

*Seeing koyinsola pass by*

Me:hey Bea wait for me

Koyin: lol na me be ur Bea abi Bukky inko

Me: free me joohrr Bukky bawo…

Koyin: hmmm d girl love u die ….

Me: let talk about something ezy …..enhen mr bada don buy a new motorcycle…..

Koyin: abeg wu him machine eep ….

Me: watin dey ur hand

Koyin: watin u see ….

Me: u won go grind pepper

Koyin: no I wan go pack sand

Me: na fight….

Koyin: yes ooooo i fit fight on top my Bea matter ….. (Hissed)

Day by day me and ore got closer and Bukky kept forcing herself on me haaaa  ewatomi always avoid me
In fact Bolexy like ore and dey get closer Dis made me more jelos steven always gives me problem like u always know….

*Saturday morning*

*To be continued*

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To Be Continued…

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