Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss ‘Season 3… Part 9


Written By *Gentkiss (WhatsApp:07061306478)

Ewatomi: kelvin!! kelvin….!!! Wat do u want to eat now

Me: hmm nottin

Ewa: don’t joke on me joohh

Me: OK rice with chilled baron…

Ewa: OK am coming

She left the room….looking at the fancy drawers beside d table I heard a phone ringing in the drawer getting closer I opened the drawer and to my surprise I found a dairy of hers on. It I know it wrong to check on people’s dairy but I checked hers shaaaa looking at d lasting dairy she wrote I saw Dis

*Dear dairy today am awaiting my first love to sing for me I hope he comes early ….*

Omo I shock I opened back and saw another tin…..

*Dear dairy uncle bolaji forced me to have S£x with him but I still with hold my pride ….. Am shy to look at him because I nearly did dat..*

I heard footsteps I closed it fast and put it in the drawer while closing it she caught me

Ewa: here it is

Me: thanks dear…. But I will eat on one condition

Ewa: wat is it….

Me: we will eat it together …

Ewa: no I brought it for u

Me: I insist ….

Ewa: OK

Went to her table looking for her spoon I caught her looking at d drawer her phone rang

Me: yes ur phone rang up d other time …

Ewa: thanks …

I played with her while eating I fed her held her hand beat her childishly
…put my hand around her neck…
We drank our baron and we were affected and went wild I kissed her jokingly and she beat me like she was mad haaa seems it our first time we drank hard drinks…

I lied on d bed and she lied on me we were both lafgh but I was aware of wat happened I kissed her again and she stared kissing me back and dat how we started and we went wild I moved my hand to her Bosom and swqied it gently and I moved my hand to her lap moving a round circle around her Tip I bit her ears and neck she was responding nicely I moved my hand around her tight and I torched her wet pants ooooh it was derm wet…  I slipped my hand in without delay… Fingered her like it will be my last meal am eating she was screaming like ..ohshhh…  I was a little bit scared to be heard by people I off my trouser she unhook  her bra .. She went under d blanket told .e to off d light and lock d door after all d errand Fork d devil … My 7 inch Joystick was already pointing death to her Kittycat… Entered d blanket I pulled her pant but she wear it back she said she want only romance nt S£x I forced he pant down I went down and licked her Kittycat ( like I watch in some Adult movie videos)  but I didn’t like d taste at first but later I enjoyed it she was just enjoying it shouting my name haha kelvin haaa kel pls pls I came up kissed her I put my Joystick in her Kittycat I taut it will enter at once but my jjc don’t know Dis stuff surprised i  forced my Joystick in she held me and screamed louder… She continue screaming until my Joystick entered I moved in and out I found out blood coming out form her Kittycat  stood up and ran to her toilet I heard her crying but I was too drunk to go and meet her wen she came back she wore he cloth and left the room….. I slept off till the next morning….

I heared someone knocking the door…

*To be continued*

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:20 am

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