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     A Story written By *Gentkiss????* ( *kiss* writers) WhatsApp. No *07061306478*

This has never happened b4 steven do call me for dinner nt her mum did she know I saw her

(Smiling back naughtily to her)

Me: I will be on my way

*15 minutes later*

Steven: hey boy u go play next weekend (wrinkling) u go chop am

Me: abeg free me… if person wooon beat me an dat dead arsenal look at me so far the sky is blue I will beat arsenal ….. Chelsea for life ….

Steven : we go see

Me : omo kosi oro lori eeeee… Forget it!!!!!

Steven: u don do ur assignment

Me: hen na true oooo omo I no go school tomorrow ooooo

Steven: because of assignment abi …. U no go see my bea ewa Tomi ….

Me: y na every fine girl be your bea…. On dat sch matter abeg tell d class am mourning my grandpa’s death… convince dem to come tomorrow…..  If u are successful I will clich u with ur bea

*Monday morning*

Me: (shouting) hey stupid boy don’t forget wat I told u make dem come ooooo….

*7 minutes later*

Mummy steven : Good morning boy

Me: Good morning ma

Mummy steven: hw was ur night 

Me: fyn

Mummy steven: have u eaten

For the first time in her maid career  mo foor ooooo

Me: ( looking back to confirm maybe it really me she dey talk to) yes I have eaten

*15 minutes later*

I heard a knock on my day

Me: hello come in

Mummy steven: I wanted to ask u if u see anything yesterday

Me: (almost spilled it out) haaa shea u and baba so…..!!! (Low ) No!!! Me see anything like wat I didn’t ooooo …. Watin u dey look for ma

Mummy steven: if u love urself screw dat ur mouth

Me: my mouth it thighen already

Mum steven: just make sure it does not loose

(Leaving the room)

Me: I taut I recorded a video of Adult movie but not long shaaa…

Mum steven: wat!!!

Me: No !!! I was not talking to u ma I thought of something ni …. I think ….. Notin

Mummy steven: what do u want me to do I can make u comfortable like wat u saw

Me: don’t need dat I will tell u later
Am going out

Mummy steven : were

Me : a friends shop ….

( I hid beside d gate scouting her )

( *32 minutes later*)

Saw mr adebanjo coming yes!!!! I hit a jackpot…

He knocked the gate mummy steven opened and he entered I passed through the back gate and hid beside the kitchen ….

I brought out my phone and started the video bobo watin I see mouth no fit talk out…

After doing all their romantic sulf *chai so u people want me to narrate dat side for Una small mind*

Now they are now Unclad I went to the front door to knock left my camera in a suitable point ….

After some minutes mummy steven came to my response

Mummy steven: what are u looking for….

Me: haha in my house y are u sweeting and I left u dressed u wan go bath ( I swear I be stupid boy)

I came inside went straight to were I kept my phone …. I check d tape I saw baba soja ran into the store beside d kitchen
Mummy Steven went to her room I opened d kitchen door

Me: acting like I was surprised …. Ole!!!!! ole!!!!! ole ole……!!!!!!!

(Mummy steven ran down d stairs saying …)

Mummy steven: on her knees pls don’t shout pls he’s not a theif his my visitor

Me: haha u ur visitor can’t wear a cloth only boxer and he can’t seat in d sitting room but he was found In The store haha wat a visitor

I will tell u wat happen later

Some hours later checking my time I found out it 


It time closing time ha let me go package myslf for important visitors

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To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:20 am

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