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Am Kelvin by name am an average height of 1.7 meter tall with nice pink lips, handsome with round face in fact I was the most handsome in my school but the fact still remains the same am the most stupid but one day my stupidity turned to a blessing.
    It started on a cool Morning. Prepareing for school I but I was sad doing dat my heart started breaking thinking of how am going to escape my stroke of cane on the assembly ground different. Ideas started coming up like should I skip school my my mum will call d school again should I go late haaaaa dat will double my problem maybe I should put on extra 2 shirt and trousers with my clothes……  hmmm

IN a freeclass it so bored… (noise maker going. On the class captain. Shouted ) I started thinking. Of what to do without noise so I brought out my paper tape I wrote on it  “I need a kiss am really Fu**ing hot ”  I placed it on my back shirt…..  dis is d beginning. Of my stupidity Bukky my classmate one of the potential of intelligence in out class( jss3 b) she sat at my back and saw dis she smiled. And said

Bukky: bad boy

Me: am nt (shy) she gave me a smile. Hmmmmm a greenlight:-)

Bukky:  Mr kiss do u really want to kiss me

Yeeepaaaa dis girl bad oooooh. I smiled back

Me: my kisses are nt  for u 

Yepa I enter wahala jadesola the class gossiper heard us as she was my partner ohhhh God I am finished…..  Bukky noticed. Wen she said:  I hear u both ooooo…  Bukky changed it straight away  saying hmmm am going to report u to anty yehh jade don spoil paro she left d class acting as if she was angry
.     Latter she ented with our class teacher
The class went in a decorum…

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To Be Continued

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