A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

By around 8pm, i had bought one hundred suya as refreshment with the last 100 naira with me…..After the suya, she can now take the SUYA…. 🙂

All my body was already Way Up  and i was restless…i tried this girl number close to 7 times,she didnt pick up… 🙁

Haa….you better dont let the devil use you 🙁

By 8 30 when i was close to invoking thunder to strike her,she finally picked the call, i tried to be as calm and diplomatic as possible… Probably she was at my gate already or close to my house….

Where are you, have been calling you since forever ?

Am sorry, am at home

home ???  Funny you… …are you not coming again …?

I doubt … Mum said i cant go out for the vigil or anywhere today….maybe tomorrow but i cant make it today..

Ehn…. 🙁 ?

Am sorry., i dont think i can make it……

Haa,you better make it ni oo…i shouted angrily at her… ‘

If you dont make it today ,you cant make it in life again..

  Pls..pls pls pls oo.. Why the curse …..? I said tomorrow..if the thing do you, find your sister do am with.. mtcheww….-


and that was how this small girl that i can give birth to.,insulted me and ended the call,leaving me and my destiny in a vulnerable and life threatening condition .

To Be Continued…

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