A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

May God continue to guide someone in this sardonic and perilious times..

I was jejely sitting in my room thinking of whether its kuli or groundnut that is more nutritious to drink my garri with for dinner,when this rain started….

Body no be firewood..Body started doing me somehow and there was no light as the cold entered my Body…….i login into  Nairaland to  make use of the various  cossy and halima the virgin Bosom and cleaveages thread but as i moved to get the vaseline i would be using , i noticed  the expiry date….

The vaseline has expired just two days ago and is now hard on the human hand and smell somehow…. What a bad luck..

I didnt have money to Go to any Call girl or brothel as i never even see food chop and no money to buy new vass..

I quickly  borrowed credit from my sim2 on my sony ericsson and called one of the hood girls,an ss3 girl i was teaching CRS lessons for WAEC..

I whined her head and since it was not the first time, she knew the drill and stated that she will soon be on her way…

To Be Continued…

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