Must Read: My Valentine Experience… Part 9


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

At last .. she picked the call apologizing and begging profusely that she would explain everything when she gets here.. hah, i was finally relieved, i was already regretting the whole day in itself… at least she was still coming.

Finally she came…and oh my GOD, she was exceedingly stunning. All my anger and vex just disappeared immediately.

Immediately she entered,all eyes were focused on face beamed as i happily shined my 32..
I signalled to her and she headed towards my table elegantly.. as she sat down , i quickly scanned the room for .. but unfortunately, he had gone.. my GOD, how i wished he was still around so he could see my beautiful date.

Why were u late ?? i said forming angry.

. Am very sorry …

Omo, dat voice just melt my heart like this ehnn..

..Mum called and was like she wants to see me and that i should come home urgently .. that it is very important and bla bla bla.

She gave her excuses and apologized and i told her she will have to compensate me for the delay and time wasted..

Lol, and what will that compensation be ?? she said , smiling.

I smiled back too.. hehe hehe,;D  u dont know nothing today..

To Be Continued…

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