Must Read: Na So You Bad Reach??? Part 2

Written By Foxybone…
Minutes later I was in the office doing what I know how to do best when there is no file on my table— Nairalanding—- when my phone rang and a strange number appeared on the screen. Well, I actually prayed that it be that babe that I just finished speaking to in the buka else I would jump from the 10th floor.
“Hallo— Attai speaking”
I said into the mouthpiece of the phone.
“Hi, this is Vera, the girl (o puuleeaaassee) you spoke to in the buka”
A beautiful voice replied me. I was partially blown away with how nice her voice sounded on the phone.
“Hiiii…. I was thinking of how I was gonna ask you your name since it would have been odd in that situation”
“I know, I felt the same way too”
She replied. Wow, my mind had already pictured her naakeed whining her waist while I pump my full length into her. Call me a pervert but I do that all the time, especially when my spirit agrees I was gonna fucckk you. Ladies forgive my bluntness.
“Nice, I am kinda busy now, will call you later.”
I said before saying a hasty bye and listened as she dropped the call. Me busy nah, just forming, no way was I gonna allow someone make me miss “Diary of a S£x Addict”, never. But then my mind told me I already had a game in my hand and I sure was gonna apply Mazi’s way in this one. Who says Nairaland Sexuality section is not educational? I swear that person needs to rethink.
Hours later I followed a driver in my organization down who wanted to deliver a package to the postal office, I was gisting him about my new catch and I was engrossed in the story that I followed him into the car, forgetting my official duties for the time being.
“O boy, see that babe wey I been yarn you about na… Wait make I ask her where she dey go”
I told Ezekiel the driver. He slowed the car down.
“Hey, Vera….”
I called her as she walked past the car obviously not noticing I was the one at the passenger seat. She stopped and looked towards my direction before breaking to a smile.
“Where are you headed?”
I asked as she came closer to the car.
“Home of course, we’ve closed.”
She replied me while I sized her breeaast with my eyes.
“Why don’t you enter so we can drop you off at Masalachi junction (una know there na), its better then walking all the way down since we are headed somewhere else for now.”
I said sweetly while she obliged and entered into the car which was blasting cool music and the AC turned on. I looked back at her and saw the welcome relief on her face as she adjusted and settled down for the short journey which was silent as I did not say anything to her until we dropped her off at the junction before continuing our journey.
“Men, Attai, that babe tight oooo”
Ezekiel said as we zoomed off.
“My eyes na only tight babe e dey see na, that’s why I be Foxybone”
I said with a knowing smile that I already had the girl on my palms, all I needed do is make the desired move, a move that I did not make but was instigated into making it by Vera herself. Yeah… Some girls would want to fucckk you from the very first time, it is not charm neither is it spiritual, girls too have their own intimate fantasy. 
Well…. grin grin grin

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 21, 2017 — 10:18 pm

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