Must Read: Na So You Bad Reach??? Part 3

Written By Foxybone…

The very next day na Friday so work close quick and me self just dey hurry make I go house when I hear my name for back…


I turn come see vera dey waka towards me with one kind step wey just dey filled with sexuality… grin Chei, this babe no go kill me with her uku nwanyi owerri oooo shocked shocked shocked

“This one you closed early, are you going home direct at all”

She come ask. See me o, I just look her for face come smile then come shrug my shoulder.

“Why not, why I no go go house if you follow me”

I answer her.

“You mean you mean you want us to go to your house so you can fucckk me?”

Yesu… This babe blunt ooooo…. I shock seriously because I no expect her to know my plan, I just begin lose hope say I go see her pant self. embarassed embarassed

“Hey… What are you thinking… Well… If it happens, I see nothing wrong with it”

I come answer with that same smile for my face.

“You are a bad boy, see how you are smiling”

Kai, who no know say I bad just know me be that. Even when I dey respect myself, women still say I bad what if I display the badness? Wetin you wan call me? THE CORRUPTOR grin grin grin

“Hey… You don’t expect me to from my face na, it is normal with me to smile at all times, I was trained to do so by my father and organization, that way you can warm your way into hearts.”

I answer her and na the truth I tell her oo.

“It is a lie, nobody taught you that, you just want me to follow you home”

She come answer. I still dey wonder why women no dey like believe me but them still dey gimme kpomo chop wink.

“Owk, do you have a little time on you, let’s go and see a friend of mine, I promise to drop you in front of your house”

I said to her, half expecting her to accept the offer.

“Since it is you friend’s place, no problem. You won’t fucckk me there.”

Chei… This babe self.

Immediately na so I change plans just call drop, tell am where I dey go come enter inside the car with the babe while my mind dey hyper mode. I quickly carry my phone comot come dial my friend number….

“hello Idris (the same dude in “The Introvert”wink”

I said as he picked the call.

“Ga ni nan a hanya zuwa gidan ka, inna da wata yarinya da na ke so na kawo, ka na nan?”
Simply translated (I am on my way to your house with a babe… Are you at home?)

“Inna nan, yaushe za ka shigo?”
(I’m around, when are you comming)

“A cikin minti goma, zan kawo maka giya da abubuwan mai dadi”
(In 10 minutes time, I would bring you beer and some things to keep your mouth busy)

“Tam, zan ajiye maka mukuli as karkashin taburma gwogen kafa— akwai leida a cikin cupboard”
(Alright, I will keep the key for you under the foot mat– there is condom inside the cupboard)

“Na gode, amma ka zauna a waje sosai fa dan ni bazan gama da wuri ba”
(Thank you but stay out for long because I won’t finish on time)

“Ubanka zan ci indan na dawo na gan wai baka ajiye mun komai ba”
(I will chop your father grin when I come back and discover nothing was kept for me)

“Shikenan, ga ni nan zuwa”
(Alright, here I come)

I finish call come look the babe as she dey stare me confusingly for face as na Hausa I carry start and end the call grin.

“hey, I wasn’t selling you, just gisting with an old coursemate of mine”

I tell her so she go cool down. Kai, make she no think say I wan use her for ritual abeg angry angry

To be Continued

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Updated: Feb 22, 2017 — 12:32 pm

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