Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 10


Written by Edygistville…

Not wanting to disappiont this Sekxy nurse who was giving him so much pleasure, Meka pulled his finger out of her Kittycat and lowered him face down between her widely parted legs. Not sure what he was supposed to do, he began nervously licking the matted wetness of her oozing Kittycat.

‘Oh, God, Yes!’ she squealed, clasping at the back of his head and pulling his mouth down tighter against her Well. Frienziedly locking her soft Unclad thighs against his face, she began humping her hot leaking Kittycat up and down against his licking tongue.

‘That’s it, darling!’ she whimpered. ‘Lick it, darling. Keep licking my Bleeping Well!’

Sandra’s Kittycat was scalding wet with Bleep-juices as the inexperienced youth’s tongue slithered in and out between her fleshy Well-lips. Meka’s nose was nuzzled into her kinky dark hair, rubbing deliciously against the hard pearl of her clit as his tongue lapped into her wildly writhing hole. The boy hadn’t any idea what a Kittycat would taste like, but he was more than happy with the sharp lingering taste of hot Well.

Clasping her Unclad hips firmly in his hands, he stiffened his tongue and drilled it up through the oozing tunnel of her slit until it was fully extended.

‘Aaaauuuuuggggg!’ she squealed, her entire body shivered with excitement.

Completely carried away by his virgin tongue, sandra ground her crotch up against his mouth in a slow, tortous circle, deliciously screwing her Kittycat up around his tongue. With his mouth sealed against the oozing lips of her Well as he deeply tongue-bleeped, he inhaled the steamy scent of her aroused lust. 

‘Lick me deep, honey!’ she moaned as hot slippery Well-sauce flooded around his face.

Starting to get the hang of what was expected of him, he rolled his tongue around in her slippery hole as her wet Kittycat-hair rubbed against his nose.

‘Darling,’ she whispered a few moment later. ‘please, suck my clit. It’s that hard little button at the very top of my Kittycat.’

Pulling his tongue from the hot depth of her squirming Kittycat, he licked it up along her cuntal groove to the little 
meat near the top.

‘oh, yes, darling,’ she softly moaned when the tip of his tongue found her sensitive clit. ‘now make me come.’

The inexperienced boy was unaware of the intense pleasure he was giving her as he sucked and tongue her clit. He found the tiny bud hard and round, and he could hear and feel sandra squealing and writhing all over the sofa as he rolled her clit between his tongue and lips. Now aware of how much sandra was enjoying it, he began stroking her little joy-button more passionately.

‘oh,oh’oh!’ she squealed with delight, her voice rising higher and higher in pitch as the pleasure intensifies. She kept wildly humping her soaking Kittycat against the young boy’s face.

Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Sandra’s Buttocks, Meka pulled her steaming Kittycat up more firmly against his mouth. Finally giving her excited clit a short rest, Meka plunged his tongue deep into her Honey-pot again. 

Feeling his tongue gliding up into her tingling hole once more, little jolt of pleasurable ecstasy streaked through every nerve in her aroused body.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 19, 2016 — 3:25 pm

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