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Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 11



Written by Edygistville…

‘oooooh, Meka!’ she squealed with joy, excitedly writhing her juicy Kittycat up against his mouth as his hot wet tongue swirled deeper and deeper into the tasty depths of her fragrant Kittycat.

‘God, Sandra,’ Meka gasped up at the beautiful light-skinned nurse when he momentarily removed his mouth from her hotly oozing Kittycat. ‘I’ve never tasted anything so Bleeping good in my life.’

‘Isn’t this wild?’ she giggled. ‘You seem to be a natural-born Kittycat-lapper’

Happy that he was pleasing the lovely nurse so much, the youth once more buried his face in her swampy crotch, thrilled by the juiciness of her hotly writhing Kittycat. The taste and scent of her flowing juices were making his nostrils flare with lust.

Sandra was almost hysterical, her breathless squeals filled with passion as her young lover tongue-bleeped her deeper and deeper. Curling her fingers into the handsome youth’s thick wad of hair, the wildly turned-on nurse pushed his mouth tighter against her open Kittycat while his stabbing tongue filled her writhing belly with excruciating pleasure.

‘ooooh….aaaaah!’ moaned the beautiful nurse, hotly working dripping Kittycat around his plunging tongue.

Meka could feel the burning jism churning around deep in his balls as he vigorously bleeped his tongue into her steaming Bleep-hole. The wild throbbing of his big rooster urged him to Bleep his tongue even deeper into her hotly aroused Kittycat.

‘oh honey!’ she hysterically pleaded when the youth paused to catch his breath. ‘Don’t stop, baby! Just keep lickin’!’

Screaming in blissful agony, the woman could hardly believe this was the first Kittycat the kid had ever sucked. He was going down on her like an experienced pro. Watching his handsome young face hungrily burrowing between her trembling thighs, Sandra pushed on the back of his head, forcing his mouth even tighter against her hotly aroused Kittycat.

Aware that the writhing Sekxy nurse was about to Pour, the young boy began Bleeping his tongue in and out of her oozing Kittycat with a new urgency. Squealing with joy, Sandra could feel lustful warmth flooding through her loins as her handsome young lover passionately tongued and sucked her hot Kittycat.

‘oh, sweet Jesus!’ she whimpered and moaned. ‘It’s so good, honey…so Bleeping…Bleeping good’

Continuing to tongue and suck on the woman’s fresh-tasting Well, the heavingly juice oozing out from between her Kittycat-lips were spreading a sticky film over Meka’s cheeks and chin.

‘Yes! Yes!’ she squealed.

Meka had never tasted or smelled anything as sweet and fresh as this lovely nurse’s deliciously pink slit. Frantically clutching her sweet hot Buttocks, he pulled her Kittycat up tighther against his lapping mouth. Plunging and twisting his tongue around deep in her steaming Bleep-hole, Meka could tase her tasty juices dripping down the back of his gulping throat. 

‘Oh, honey!’ she whimpered. ‘I love it! I love it!’

Tossing her head from side to side, Sandra’s long hair was around all her beautiful face as his tongue played wild tattoo on her tingling clit.

OH, Bleep!’ she shrieked when her body was suddenly shaken by a wild orgasm. ‘I’M COMING!’

Writhing through her overpowering climax, it was several minutes before Sandra finally got control again.

‘Oh, baby,’ she sobbed. ‘Have you ever had S£x with a girl?’

‘No,’ he said, innocently

‘Then that’s what i will teach you the next time I get you alone.’

To Be Continued…

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