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Two days later, Sandra returned to the night shift. Meka was over at the apartment with Deborah. Stitting on the couch with her, Meka was just dying to bury his face down between her pretty little teenage legs, but he knew she would knock his Joystick off if he tried it. Since her big sister had taught him the joys of sucking the other night, Meka had been walking around with a constant hard-on.

Wondering if Deborah might let him go a little further than she had in the past, he put his arms around her and drew her young soft lips up to his. He loved the way her little pink tongue darted into his mouth when they kissed.

‘You’re so sweet,’ he sighed, kissing her again.

‘And so are you,’ she whispered when their mouths parted. Deborah always loved the way he kissed her, making her feel all warm and soft inside, but it also seemed to frighten her. Her Kittycat always turned hot and creamy when she was in his arms, and it took all her willpower to keep from surrendering to her desires.

Feeling Meka’s fingers lightly stroking her Tip through the thin material of her blouse, she suddenly reaalized she hadn’t put a bra on when she changed her school uniform after school.

‘please, don’t,’ she whispered, feeling his thumb and forefinger lightly pinching her Tip.

Releasing the swollen bud, he covered her lips with his mouth and began sucking her sweet tongue. Aroused by the deeply passionate kiss, she wasn’t aware of his hand creeping under her blouse until he was firmly cupping her bare tit. Deborah knew she could make him remove his hand, but it felt so damn good that she decided to wait a few minutes. She could feel the hot juices oozing out from between her legs as the boy massaged and squeezed her firm young Bosom. God, how good his fingers felt between her swollen Tips.

‘mmmmmmm’ she softly whispered, sucking his ear lobes. ‘I love you so much.’

Deborah was so passionately aroused that she didn’t realised Meka had unbuttoned the front of her blouse until he lowered his face and covered her hard Tip with his mouth.

‘No,’ she whispered, trying to push him away when she felt whaat he was doing.

She tried, but was unable to move his mouth from her throbbing Tip. With his lips cupped over her hot tit, Meka was deeply sucking noisily as his tongue flicked deliciously around her quivering brown Tip.

‘please, don’t,’ she whispered, not really wanting him to stop, but knowing she couldn’t let him continue. ‘please, don’t darling’

Her pleas were falling on deaf ears, and her body was succumbing to the forbidden pleasure she was enjoying. Her erect Tip were tingling with delicious fire that was making it almost impossible for the excited girl to breathe. Finally giving up the struggle, she leaned her head against the back of the couch, throughly enjoying the waves of ecstasy that were flooding through her trembiling Kittycat. Grasping at the back of Meka’s head, she pressed his mouth tighter against her tit.

‘Oh, Meka,’ she moaned. ‘it’s so good, honey. Oh, God, that feels good.’

She suddenly wondered why she never let him do this to her before. Almost out of her mind from intense ectasy, the little precious teenager was shifting back against the sofa, enjoying every delicious moment of this wonderful assault on her tingling bosoms.

To Be Continued…

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