Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 13


Written by Edygistville…

Deborah was so consumed by the maddening pleasure she was enjoying that she was unaware of Meka’s hand creeping up between her thighs until his finger slipped under her panties and into her hot, juicy Kittycat.

‘Don’t!’ she screamed, suddenly jumping upright on the sofa, quickly removing her Tip out of his mouth. ‘stop that, Bleep you!’

The wildly aroused boy didn’t even seem to hear her as he twisted his finger around deep in her hot little Well.

‘Meka, stop!’ she screamed again.

‘oh, shut up joor!’ he gasped ‘Nobody’s hurting you’

‘I don’t care,’ she hissed. ‘Get your dirty finger out of me.’


‘My God, Meka!’ she shouted. ‘stop it’


‘You spoilt bastard!’ she screamed.

Completly ignoring her, the insanely turn-on boy gripped her more tightly around the shoulders while he kept one finger deep in her squirming Well.

‘I ‘ll kill you, you bastard!’ she hissed, trying to struggle free.

‘Take it easy,’ he panted. ‘I’m not hurting you, Deborah.’

‘Nonsense!’ she shouted. ‘It hurts!’

Securely holding the girl, Meka began digging his finger in and out of her slippery little Kittycat.

‘You pig!’ she screamed, trying to wiggle her Kittycat away from his invaning finger.

Unable to control his wild lust, Meka roughly grasped the waist of her pink panties and stripped them down over her cute Buttocks and legs.

‘please, don’t,’ she sobbed, attempting to free her hips away as his hand poked into the soft dark curls of her pubic hair. Deborah couldn’t deny the hot irritable sensation as his thick middle fingers slipped in between the hot fleshy fold of her juicy Kittycat-lips.

‘You dirty sonofabitch!’ she sobbed, slamming her head against the back of the sofa, realising there was no way to stop his ugly actions. Closing her eyes and clenching her teeth, Deborah prayed that Meka would soon stop. She knew her struggle only seemed to further arouse the boy.

Her tense body suddenly gave a wild move when his finger grazed across her clit, sparking a wild new sensation she had never experienced before. She couldn’t believe the heavenly feeling that flashed like electricity through her body. Again his finger brushed across her clit, and again that delicious heavenly sensation flashed through her body.

Aware of what was happening, Meka began gently massaging the girl’s trembling joy button. From the way her Kittycat was creaming all over his hand, he thought he still might subdue her. He could feel her hot little Kittycat wiggling all around his middle finger.

Deborah had never known such delicious pleasure in her life. The intense sensations streaking through her body were the most wonderful things she has ever felt.

‘Oh, Meka,’ she sobbed, ‘that feels so good, darling’

Now that his cute little girlfriend had stopped struggling, he released his tight grip on the subdued girl and began finger-Bleeping her Kittycat deeper and deeper, making certain it rubbed across her clit with every stroke.

Meka’s fingers continued teasing her sensually aroused Kittycat, digging deeper and deeper into her wet hot passage. She was jerking fastly, song-like moans came forth from deep in her throat.

In as much as she was enjoying it, Deborah knew seep in her heart that it must stop. Making one more attempt to free herself, she tried to shake off free her Unclad Kittycat back away from his tormenting fingers as they plundered her hotly oozing Kittycat.

‘ooooh,wow…noooo!’ she sobbed, trying to get hold of her sanity as her passions seemed to be taking control of her body. She knew this whole thing had to stop…

But how?

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 20, 2016 — 7:38 pm

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