Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 14


Written by Edygistville…

Still vigourously finger-Bleeping her cute little teenage Kittycat, Meka again bought his face down to her tit, cupping its firm flesh in his hand. Sucking her throbbing Tip deep into the wet warmth of his mouth, he was sending flaming sensations of raw desire raging uncontrollably through her body as Deborah rolled her Well around on his tickling finger. 

‘Oh, Dear God!’ she moaned, Knowing she must stop him, but not really wanting him to stop. 

In their struggle, Meka had completely removed her blouse. Now his hungry mouth moved up from the girl’s spit-drenched Bosom to her bare shoulder and neck. Deborah shivered when he lowered his face and tightly fastened his lips around the erect Tip of her other tit. He began pulling it in and out between his lips while maintaining a deeply Intimate sucking. Now pulling his finger out from the hot depths of her aroused Kittycat, he began stroking the bud of her tingling clit.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ she softly murmured.

Almost out of her mind with excitement, and feeling his body pressing against hers as he continued finger-Bleeping her Kittycat, Deborah was suddenly aware of his rooster beating against her hand through the material of his trousers. Her first reaction was to draw her hand away, but then she suddenly felt a strange curiosity. The seventeen year-old had never touched his or any Joystick in her life, but in her excited state of arousal tonight, the feel of his big hot hardness really turned her on. Not fully realising what she was doing, she began gently rubbing and squeezing his rooster.

Feeling her playful fingers lightly caressing his hard Joystick, Meka quickly lowered his zip and quickly pushed his rooster out and into her hand. Shocked, Deborah started to pull her hand away, but Meka grabbed it and firmly wrapped her fingers around his hard rooster. 

The girl almost popped her cookies when she felt the hot, smooth hardness of his Joystick throbbing in her hand. An older girl had once told Deborah that Dicks were ugly things, now she could see that her friend was right. It was sort of ugly, but not in a terrible way. There was a cute ugliness about it that made little Deborah want to giggle. It was standing straight up in her fist, and she was suprised at the constrast between his big chocolate rooster-head and black darkness of his thick-viened Joystick.

Gently squeezing his hard Joystick, she was thrilled that the swollen flesh was so very warm and smooth and pleasant to touch. Feeling his hard rooster pulsing violently in her hand, Deborah almost went wild with excitement. She was thrilled by the feel of hot blood rushing through the swollen veins just beneath his tightly stretched Joystick-skin. Almost afraid to breathe, she desperately held to his hard Joystick as if she were worried that he might take it away from her. Staring at his wonderful Joystick, she could almost feel it throbbing in her Well. For the first time in her life, she wondered how it would feel to have a hard Joystick digging in and out of her Kittycat-hole.

To Be Continued…

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