Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 15


Written by Edygistville..

Deborah eye’s were glowing with excitement as she stared down at the length of Joystick she was holding. She squeezed it and the heavy head seemed to swell in response. Meka could see that she didn’t quite know what to do, so he took her wrist and guided her hand up and down over his shaft. Meka wasn’t circumcised- and Deborah was thrilled at the feel of his foreskin sliding over his shaft as she slowly moved her hand up and down.

‘Does this feel good?’ she whispered.

‘Fantastic, honey!’

Encouraged by the knowledge that she was pleasing him, she began moving her hand a little faster. His rooster was pulsing urgently in her gently grasped, steadily getting thicker and harder as she lovingly jerked off the handsome boy.

‘Just a minute,’ he panted, arching his Buttocks up from the couch and yanking his trousers and shorts down around his ankles. 

Deborah’s big eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw his lusty balls for the first time. Still stroking his prick, she reached down with her other hand and cupped his dangling nut-sac in her palm. She was strangely fansinated by the thick tangle of hair that grew around his Joystick and balls. The patch of wiry curls around the base of his shaft was so thick she couldn’t even see his skin through it.

Holding the hot, half-naking girl in arms while she lovingly stroked his pulsing rooster, his fingers gently squeezed her tit. His hand roamed all over the soft brown flesh of her Bosom as his finger teased the puffy meat of her wildly responding Tips.

‘Not too hard,’ she whispered, feeling her sensitive buds expanding as Mark teasingly pinched them just to send little electric thrills charging through her body.

Finally removing his hands from her firm young breasts, he gently grasped her shoulders and turned the girl around until she was facing him. Her Unclad bosoms were pointing up at his face and she held her breathe as she watched his mouth slowly down over one of her swollen Tips.

‘oohhh, honey!’ she moaned, her hand giving his swollen Joystick an extra loving squeeze. ‘that feels so good, sweatheart.’

Mark’s tongue licked across her erect Tip, licking it this way and that way. Then opening his mouth wider, he took almost all of her small tit into his mouth while his tongue continued lashing at her tingling Tip.

‘oh, darling,’ she moaned. ‘that feels so good.’

He continued sucking her tit for several more minutes before pulling his mouth away.

‘I guess you kinda liked that, didn’t you?’ he grinned.

‘God, yes,’ she giggled, rubbing her other tit against his face. ‘Now lick this one.’

‘and what if i don’t?’ he teased.

‘then I’ll quit playing with your prick,’ she giggled.

‘I guess you win,’ laughed Meka, quickly wolfing her other tit into his mouth.

To Be Continued…

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