Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 17


Written by Edygistville…

The one person that Sandra couldn’t stand at the hospital was Dr. Walter Bassey, the financial director of the hospital. He was a rather mediocre doctor, had lpng ago been relieved of his medical practice in the hospital, and was transferred to an administrative post. He was a short, balding man of about forty-five with a rather muscular body and small eyes. Because of his vulgar behaviour around the nurses, most of them despised the man.

By nature, Sandra was an extremely Hot girl, but she hated the way Dr. Bassey always tried to touch clumsily when there was no one around. She had often wanted to slap him, but because of his position in personnel, he would have immediately fired her, as well as ostracising her from any other hospital in the state.

One afternoon, when sandra was on the day shift, the matron informed that that Dr. Bassey wanted to see her when she got off duty. Warily entering his office after her shift, she prudently left the door open as she approached his desk.

‘Good afternoon, Doctor,’ she nervously smiled.

‘Hello, Sandra,’ he muttered, getting up and closing the door before returning to his desk.

‘Why have you sent for me?’ asked the lovely nurse, getting directly to the point.

‘I ‘ve been hearing some very disturbing rumours about you,’ he answered, steepling his fingers under his chin.

‘What is that?’ she coldly asked.

‘It has been called to my attention that you’re sleeping with many of the medical students, including Lekan Woyo, as well as regularly sucking off your patients.’

‘Dr.Bassey,’ she said rudely. ‘My private life is none of your Bleeping business.’

‘I’m sorry,’ he grinned, rising from the chair and locking the door from the inside. ‘From now on it is my business.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You can suck and have S£x with anyone you wish,’ he said with a wicked look, lowering his zipper and yanking his big thick rooster out. ‘But I want my share of the action.’

‘How dare you suggest such a thing,’ she gasped, stepping back as the doctor slowly walked toward her, obscenely stroking the most enormous Joystick she’d ever seen.

‘I only want you to suck and Bleep me the same way you do it for the others.’


‘Sorry, you little Dam,’ he panted, slamming her down on the chair. ‘But i want a juicy blow-job’

‘Then suck yourself off!’ she shouted up to him as he towered over her totally submissive body.

Trembling with both hate and fear, Sandra stared at his bulky Joystick-head as his hand slid his shaft up and down over it swollen mass. Completely mesmerised by his monstrous Joystick, she watched him loosen his belt with his other hand and let his trousers and boxers drop down around his ankles. Struggling to get up off the couch, Sandra could see his swollen balls dangling like a bull’s own between his powerful legs.

To Be Continued…

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