Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 18


Written by Edygistville…

Before she could rise, the doctor threw his body down on top of her, forcing one knee up between her tightly clenched legs. Then, reaching his hands down under her skirt, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her white panties and ripped them off. Next, grasping the front of her uniform, he tore all her button loose as he ripped it open. Pushing the struggling nurse back down, he roughly removed her tattered dress.

Because she rarely wore a bra, the frightened light-skinned completely Unclad body was suddenly exposed to him. Lowering himself down, the lustful doctor cupped a big vuluptous tit in each hand and pressed his wet mouth against her bare belly. Firmly holding the girl, he trailed his tongue down through her wet pubic curls until he found her clit hidden high between her fleshy Kittycat-lips.

Sandy shivered and her shapely legs shot out from the electric contact of his tongue against her sensitive joy-button. She instinctively twisted her Buttocks down into the chair in a vain attempt to protect her vulnerable Kittycat from this immoral invasion of his mouth.

Finally releasing her bosoms, he reached down and spread her thighs farther apart. Using his thumbs, he slowly parted her Kittycat-lips, exposing her slippery pink inner flesh to his gaze. With his thick rooster throbbing against his belly, he buried the full length of his slippery tongue into the delicious hotness of her Well.

‘No! Damn it, no!’ she whimpered, feeling little sparks of pleasure igniting inside her Kittycat in spite of it all.

Still struggling to get away from him, she tried to push his head from between her legs, wanting to free herself from this maddening torture. The tiny sparks of forbidden pleasure began creeping up deeper into her unwilling belly until she suddenly found herself pulling his face tighter against her Kittycat instead of pushing him away. Ashamed that she was secretly enjoying it, she made one last futile attempt to free herself.

‘No! Please, don’t!’ she sobbed as he began lapping his thick wet tongue all up and down the full length of her juicy dripping Kittycat. Holding her breath as the perverted doctor’s tongue dipped and swirled around in the wet smooth length of her moist hot Kittycat, Sandra completely surrendered to his lustful tongue. Her hot Buttocks jerking back and forth as she boldly spinned her warm wet Kittycat around his wet face.

Realising that the gorgeous young nurse had totally surrendered to him, the doctor moved up between her widely spread legs, anxious to Bleep that hot little Kittycat that he wanted for such a long time.

‘Here,’ he whispered, taking Sandra’s hand and wrapping her fingers around the thick length of his massive Joystick. ‘put it in for me.’

Holding the biggest Bleeping Joystick she had ever seen, Sandra parted her heavily lubricated Kittycat-lips and pushed the swollen head of his Joystick against the quivering entrance of her Kittycat.

As if to punish the girl for her earlier unwillingness to cooperate, he slammed the entire length of his Joystick into her with one thrust.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 23, 2016 — 2:19 pm

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