Written by Edygistville…

‘Aaaaaigghh!’ she shrieked from the brief, but intense pain.

Using her as if she were nothing but an animal, he began viciously pumping his hips back and forth, trying to saw her in half with his monstrous Joystick. With his wieght mashing her down against the chair, his hands clawed at her deliciously big bosoms, squeezing her hard Tips between his fingers as he relentlessly bleeped into her Kittycat.

He was feverishly Bleeping her, each wild thrust of his massive Joystick driving her cute Buttocks deeper into the foams of the chair. Her widely strecthed Kittycat had finally adjusted to the incredible size of the doctor’s Joystick and her slippery lubricating creams were flooding all around it. Twisting beneath him, Sandra could plainly hear the slurping suction of her slippery Kittycat-lips pulling and sucking on his plunging tool.

Bleeping into her with increased frenzy, he was wildly sucking on the sweet tongue that Sandra had just thrust into his mouth. 

‘Oh, yes!’ she softly moaned beneath him, thrilled by the delicious friction of his thick rooster zipping in and out of her sizzling hole. She felt a perverse excitement as his hairy, limpy balls smartly slapped her cute bare Buttocks.

Pumping into her for all he was worth, the doctor could feel the moist heat of her tightly squeezing Kittycat rushing toward an explosive climax. Every tingling nerve in his hot Joystick was being deliciously stirred up by the soft slippery walls of her tight-fitting little Kittycat.

‘Oh, Sandra, baby!’ he began chanting like a mad man. ‘What a Bleep, honey! Oh, poo, you’re a hot little Dam!’

The way her slit was squeezing around the hot slippery flesh of the doctor’s Joystick as he pumped in and out was more than he could take.

‘Uuuuuuuuggghhhh!’ he suddenly groaned when his hot load of Pour started spewing into her writhing Kittycat.

‘Me too!’ she screamed, clutching him tighter. ‘I’m coming with you, Doctor!’

When the last drop of Pour had dribbled out of his limp wet prick, he slowly withdrew it and rolled onto his back.

‘Now, Dam,’ he said, closing his eyes and folding his hands behind his head. ‘clean up my Joystick with your mouth.’

Sandra intensely hated this man, but she knew she had no choice but to gratify him. Crawling down between his obscenely spread legs, she picked up his flaccid joystick between her thumbs and forefinger and inserted the slimy thing into her mouth. It was thickly coated with his haif-dry Pour mixed with her own cuntal juices, and she had to swirl his shaft around her tongue for several moments before it was thoroughly cleaned.

‘That’s a good girl,’ whispered the doctor. ‘Now make it hard again’

Knowing she had no choice, she lowered her mouth farther down over his thick limp rooster, licking and rolling her tongue all around the sensitive underside. With his Joystick now much smaller than it was when they were Bleeping, Sandra had no trouble sucking the whole thing into her mouth.

To Be Continued…

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