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Feeling his Joystick starting to become firmer, she slowly lifted her head and let the length of his rod slide across the roof of her mouth as she teasingly tickled it with the tip of her naughty tongue. Lowering her head back down,her ovaled lips slid down over the sensitive flesh of his swelling Joystick.

With his hands folded behind his head, the doctor was excitedly watching her lips sucking and pulling on his hard meat. She looked so beautiful with her long black hair flowing down over her bare shoulders and bosoms, and her lovely face bobbing up and down as she expertly sucked on his rooster. He could see his Joystick expanding rapidly in her mouth as she sucked, and he could hardly stand the intense ecstasy.

‘Oh, God,’ he softly moaned when the pretty nurse removed her mouth from his fully erect rooster.

Then once more lowering her head, she submissively took his thick rooster into her mouth again. Cupping his swollen balls in her hand, she deliciously ticked the crinkly loose skin with her fingertips. As she skillfully caressed his big ball-sac, Sandra pecked lightly on his rooster-head for several minutes with her lips. Then swiftly lowering her hand, She swallowed as much of his meat as possible. Up and down, up and down she bobbed her head, her lips and tongue deliciously sucked on his big pulsing rooster.

Grasping the cushions with his hands, the doctor was no longer aware of anything except her soft moist lips sliding up and down over his thick Joystick. 

‘Oh, yes,’ he groaned through clenched teeth.

From the way his body was jerking and tensing, Sandra could tell he would be shooting his load. She was wildly aroused herself, and as she feverishly sucked on his Joystick, she hoped he would Bleep her again before the day was over. As the intense lust continued building in her loins, she tried to give him as much pleasure as possible. Sucking on the very end of his knob, she thrust the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit of his Joystick and lapped up several glistening drops of his delicious pre-Pour.

‘Oh, God!’ he moaned, ‘It’s so good…so good!’

Becoming more aroused with every passing second, she provocatively slid her tongue all the way down the veined underside of his shaft until her nose was mashed into the curls of his big hairy balls. Then opening her mouth wide, she sucked in first one nut and then the other. Her sucking, licking mouth was literally stuffed full of his big lusty ball-sac.

‘Oh, God!’ He groaned again when the beautiful blackhead released his nuts and wolfed his swollen rooster-head into her mouth. He could feel her making swallowing motions deep in her throat as Sandra feverishly sucked on his swollen shaft. He was whimpering madly as his body shuddered convulsively under oral caresses. Squirming all over the couch, his leg stiffened and his toes curled as the intense pleasure built in his loins.

Sandra had sucked and licked on enough dicks to know when a man was about to shoot his load. Feeling the twitching of the flesh around the base of his rod as he panted and moaned, the lovely nurse began sucking deeper and harder, knowing his climax was imminent.

To Be Continued…

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