Written by Edygistville…

Then, before she realised what was happening, the doctor suddenly pushed Sandra’s face away from his Joystick and rolled the nurse onto her back.

‘What are you doing?’ she gasped.

Not bothering to answer, he forced himself up over her, anxious to get his hard aching Joystick into her hot, tight Kittycat agin. As he wedged his hips down between her widely spread thighs, Sandra excitedly reached down and grabbed the throbbing shaft of his huge Joystick. Using the head of his Joystick to part her red Kittycat-hairs, she pushed it gently against the oozing mouth of hot quivering Bleep-hole.

‘Now!’ she cried out. ‘Bleep it to me!’

Moving slowly forward at first, he felt the moist warmth of her cuntal sheath closing around him. Unable to control the intense ectasy another second, he violently pushed ahead, drilling the full length of his rooster into her Well with one thrilling thrust.

‘God, baby’ she grinned. ‘You no dei play, abi?’

‘Not if i can help it,’ panted the doctor. ‘Now are you starting to enjoy yourself?’

‘Bleep, yes,’ gasped Sandra.

‘Are you sorry you gave me a bad time a little while ago?’

‘Of course, I’m sorry,’ she moaned. ‘You’ve got the biggest Bleeping rooster I’ve ever seen’

‘I’m glad you appreciate my tool,’ he leered at her. ‘Because I’m going to Bleep you to death with it.’

Now anxious to shoot another hot load of Pour into her Sekxy belly, the doctor began humping into her with short, smooth stroke at first, but he gradually lengthened them until he was pounding deep into her Kittycat with all his power.

Sandra was passionately responding beneath him, hew loins shifting up against his as she met every delicious thrust of his big destructive rooster. Her entire Unclad body was feverishly responding to his deep hard strokes. Moaning endlessly beneath him, her lovely face concorted with lust, her eyes glazed, her breath coming in short hot gasps, she yelled out in ecstasy.

‘Oh God!’ she cried as he bleeped deeper and harder. ‘shove your finger up my Buttocks!’

Reaching down under her Jiggling asschecks, his finger groped to find the tightly squeezed ring of her asshole. Locating the tiny hole, he pushed at it with his fingertip, but it wouldn’t go in. Coating his finger with the creamy juices that were oozing out of her Joystick-filled Kittycat, he generously lubricated her little anal opening with the oily secretion.

‘Hurry, honey!’ she sobbed. ‘stick your shitty finger up my Buttocks!’

‘Okay, baby,’ he grunted. ‘You asked for it’

Pushing hard, his finger suddenly poked through her tight Buttocks-fing and streaked all the way up her small hot rectum to his palm.

To Be Continued…

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