Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 23


Written by Edygistville…

Knowing that Sandra was on night shift again, Meka decided to cut his afternoon class and drop by her apartment. He remembered that the lovely nurse had said she would teach him to Bleep her the next time they were alone, and now Meka was more than ready for it.

‘Hi,’ smiled Sandra when she answered the doorbell. ‘come on in.’

‘Hi,’ grinned Meka, feeling a little uneasy as he entered the apartment. 

‘This is a pleasant suprise,’ said the Sekxy nurse as the boy sat on the chair. ‘To what do i owe this visit?’

‘I was just passing by,’ he lied, ‘and i decided to drop in’

‘Why aren’t you in school?’

‘I have the afternoon off.’

‘You mean you’re skipping classes?’ giggled Sandy.

‘Yeah,’ he admitted.

‘Would you like pancake?’ she asked. ‘I was just going to get a bite to eat.’

‘sounds good to me,’ he said, following her into the kitchen.

Sitting in a chair, Meka studied her cute, tight Buttocks as she stood at the counter preparing their pancake. The firm cheeks of her deliciously curved Buttocks were wildly arousing him.

‘Here,’ she smiled, turning around and handing him his pancake on a plate. ‘shall we take them into the living room?’

Sitting down together on a Sofa, they began quietly eating their lunch.

‘Meka’ she said when they had finished their pancakes. ‘Why did you really come over?’

‘I was just passing through the nieghbourhood,’ he lied again.

‘Oh, Meka,’ giggled Sandra. ‘Don’t try to kid me, honey. You came over for that piece of Buttocks i promised you.’

‘Well,’ he stammered, a bit embarrassed. ‘I guess you’re kinda right.’

‘Then kiss me,’ she whispered, raising her softly parted lips up to his.

There was a gentleness to the way their mouths melted together that the inexperienced youth would never forget. It was a feathery-light kiss that sent a million little electric-like shocks shooting through her body. The sweetness of her lips and the feel of her hot moist tongue exploring around in his mouth almost blew Meka’s mind. His rooster was soon lurching around in an uncontrolled manner in his boxers as the delectable lady’s sweet slippery tongue worked around his.

Aware of his intense excitement, the experienced nurse reached down and lightly rested her hand on the straining bulge in his boxers. Her hot Kittycat began pulsing with desire as she felt his rooster throbbing against her palm through the thin material that separated them.

‘Jesus,’ she whispered, nibbling lightly on his ear. ‘I can’t get over what a big Joystick you have for a teenager.’

‘Are you going to suck it again like you did the other night?’ he excitedly asked.

‘Yes darling,’ smiled Sandra as she slowly lowered his zipper. When his zipper was open, she reached in and gently wrapped her soft cool fingers around his thick Joystick. The feel of his hard Joystick pulsing violently in her hand sent hot spurts of Kittycat-juice oozing out from between her smooth thighs.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 10:00 pm

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