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Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 25


Written by Edygistville…
Getting up from the chair, Meka eagerly followed the Hot nurse into her room. Quickly slipping out of her dress, Sandra threw her deliciously Unclad body onto the bed.

“Hurry up and get your clothes off,” she giggled, writhing on her back while she suggestively rubbed her hotly drooling Kittycat with her fingers.

Looking down at her as he stripped, Meka was completely fascinated by the size of her big lust-swollen bosoms. Her breasts looked so deliciously firm as they thrust out from her chest. The wildest thing about them was the size of her big rock-hard Tips capping her huge areolas. The thick mounds were covered with little pin-sized goose bumps. It was exciting to see those big goosebump areolas so deliciously capped with her fantastically hard Tips.

“God, those are beautiful bosoms,” he whispered.

“I’m glad you like them,” she said. “Because this is the hottest pair of Bosom in town.”

Intrigued by seeing her deliciously Unclad body again, his eyes drifted down to her cute hot Kittycat where he could see her hot juices oozing out from between her slippery pink Kittycat-lips. God, he could hardly wait to sink his rooster into a girl’s Bleep-hole for the very first time.

“Hurry, honey,” she whispered when he dropped his shorts. “I want that beautiful big Joystick.”

Looking at him through half-closed eyes, Sandy excitedly watched him crawl up between her wantonly spread legs. The sight of his big swollen rooster-head moving up toward her quivering Kittycat sent waves of burning excitement flaming through her loins.

“Hurry, sweetheart,” she whispered, her entire body quivering with anticipation.

This was only a teenager’s Joystick, but it was the hardest, most exciting Joystick she’d ever seen. God, how she was looking forward to giving this kid his very first Bleep.

“Honey,” she whispered, seeing the hungry expression on his face as he gazed at her hotly oozing Kittycat. “Why don’t you eat me out for a minute?”

Deeply inhaling the pungent aroma of her fragrant crotch, he quickly buried his face in the deliciously warm wetness between her open thighs. Slurping like a starving man, Meka began frantically licking the beautiful nurse’s sweet juicy Kittycat. God, how fresh and clean it tasted as his tongue drilled up through her warm slippery Bleep-hole.

“Oh, darling!” she squealed with delight, “that feels so fuckin’ good!”

Just like the other night, the feel of her hot juices gushing out onto his slavering tongue was driving him crazy. Sucking and slurping on her tender flesh, Meka was thrusting his thick tongue as far up her Well as it would reach.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she sobbed, screwing her hot wet Kittycat up tighter against his ravishing mouth.

After deeply tongue-Bleeping her hole for several wild moments, he moved his mouth higher up her slit and sucked her trembling clit in between his lips.

“Oh, poo!” screamed. Sandra. “That’s so good … so good!”

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 26, 2016.

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