Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 26


Written by Edygistville…

When he sucked on her sensitive little joy-button for a while, he once more drilled his thick hot tongue back into the slippery slickness of her sizzling creaming Bleep-hole. The feel of Sandra’s warm inner flesh against his tongue sent flames of passion through his groin. The delicious taste of the hot cuntal fluid pouring out around his mouth was almost driving him wild. His tongue was thrusting around frantically in her warm slippery Kittycat as her smooth thighs cradled his face,

‘Oh, honey,’ she whispered, squeezing her deliciously bare legs tighter against his cheeks. ‘It sure didn’t take you long to learn how to eat Kittycat.’

The Hot nurse was moving so violentong on the bed that her handsome young lover could hardly keep his mouth locked over her juicy Kittycat. Grasping her wildly gyrating hips tightly in his hands, Meka buried his mouth even deeper into her juice-dripping Kittycat.

The sweet taste of Sandra’s wet Kittycat was almost blowing his mind. The fresh clean taste of her soft pink inner flesh made his swollen Joystick pulse even harder.

‘Oh, darling,’ she moaned as the boy’s thick tongue teased around her vibrating clit. ‘I love it! I love it!’

After he had lapped and sucked on her Kittycat for a few more heavenly moments. Sandra finally pushed his face away from between her legs.

‘Come on, sweetheart,’ she whispered. ‘Now I’m ready to be bleeped.’

As Meka crouched between her legs, Sandra reached down and gently wrapped her finger around his thick Joystick, slowly guiding his swollen rooster-head toward her trembling Kittycat.

‘Oh,God, that thing’s nice and hard.’ she whispered, squeezing the big rubbery hard Joystick in her soft hard. The beautiful nurse began shivering with excitement as she nudged the head of his swollen Joystick between her wet Kittycat-lips.

Sandra could feel her Kittycat slowly stretching open as his big virgin Joystick began slipping in. His hard meat was so thick that it pressed out firmly against the expanding walls of her Kittycat as it sank deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. At last, the full length and girth of the youth’s steel-hard shaft was completely buried in her hot, grasping Bleep-hole.

‘Oh God! That feels good’ she whispered, screwing her Sekxy body up tighter against his to better enjoy the blood-bloated Joystick that was so deliciously embedded in her squeezing Well.

Meka could hardly believe his Joystick was actually buried in a girl’s real Kittycat. After all these years of dreaming, he was really Bleeping a Kittycat. He could hardly get over the delicious heat in her juicy hole, He almost blew his mind from the feel of her tight Kittycat-muscles milking and pulling on his shaft. Her pusssy felt like a slippery warm rubber glove with dozens of hot little fingers working on his rooster.

‘Now pump it in and out,’ whispered Sandra. ‘That’s what Bleeping’s all about’

He took her advice, and it seem to himthat his excited Joystick-head was swelling bigger and bigger as it smoothly slid against the soft fleshy ridges of her grasping, sucking cuntal walls.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 27, 2016 — 3:30 pm

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