Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 27


Written by Edygistville…

‘Oh! Meka!’ she whimpered as his hard stiff Situation pumped in and out of her slippery smooth Kittycat. ‘I love that hard Joystick!’

Sandra was almost beside herself with ecstasy. Frantically grasping him around his shoulders, Sandra was violently slamming her crothch up to meet every thrust of his stiff plunging Joystick. The open lips of her foamy hot Kittycat sucked and grasped at the base of his shaft, trying desperately to suck even more of it into her Hot Kittycat.

Their moving body bodies were grinding frantically against each other as he pounded his big hard rod harder and deeper into her hot bleep hole.

‘Oh, baby, can you Bleep!’ she screamed, scissoring her shapely legs around his waist. ‘You can really Bleep!’

‘Oh, God,’ panted Meka. ‘This is the greatest day of my life.’

And it might have been the greatest day of his life if Deborah’s teacher hadn’t dismissed her class early because of a teacher’s meeting she had to attend. Wallking slowly home from school, Deborah was thinking about the other night when she had jacked Meka off. she hadn’t seen him since then, and now she missed very much. Deborah realised she shouldn’t have kicked the boy out, because after all, she knew deep in her heart that she thoroughly enjoyed it. It was only when he squirted on her that she got so pissed off.

Entering her apartment, she heard strange moans and giggles coming from her sister’s bedroom. Glancing through the open door, she was completly stunned to see two Unclad bodies twisting around on the rumpled sheets.

Moving back so they wouldn’t see her watching them, she was staring at a scene that was almost beyond her comprehension. Her elder sister was lying down on her back with her arms and legs wrapped around Meka’s Unclad body as he wildly pumped his hard Joystick in and out of her juicy Kittycat. Deborah’s first reaction was to scream at the filthy bastards. She suddenly hated Meka for cheating on her, and she hated her sister even more for taking her boyfriend away. Unable to scream, she just stared at the Unclad couple.

Watching Meka’s Joystick plunging in and out of her sister’s hotly oozing Kittycat, she sadly realized it was the same hard tool she had been stroking the other night.

‘oh, sweet baby!’ she heard her sister passionately moaned. ‘It feels so good, baby! Oh, what a hardworking Joystick!’

As much as Deborah hated the immoral scene on the bed, she was finding it strangely exciting. She was getting a hot tingling sensation between her legs as she continued watching.

‘Oh, Meka!’ she heard her sister sob with joy as she threw her steaming crotch up to meet every pounding blow of the boy’s Joystick. ‘It feels so good, honey! Oh, so good…so good!’

Seeing the emotional ecstasy on her sister’s face, Deborah wondered what Bleeping felt like. From the expression in Sandra’s glowing eyes and the way she was squirming and moaning with joy, Deborah decided the feeling must be incredibly good. Excitedly watching the swaying couple, the cute teen could feel slippery juices dripping out of her little Kittycat as she tried to imagine what Bleeping felt like.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 27, 2016 — 8:19 pm

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