Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 32



Written by Edygistville…

‘oooooh!’ she moaned with delight as his twisting, dipping tongue sent obscene shivers of delight streaking through from her thighs to her Kittycat.

She thought it was fun to jerk off, but her finger couldn’t begin to compare to this man’s wonderful tongue.

‘oh, yes, Lekan,’ she softly moaned, wishing her rotten sister could see who was sucking her Kittycat.

When he suddenly pursed his lips around the throbbing bud of her sensitive clit, the joy of it almost made her faint. After several more minutes of delicious sucking, Lekan pulled his face out of her hot swampy crotch and took her into his arms.

‘You’re such a darling,’ he panted, pressing his juice-stained lips to hers.

The Hot girl passionately returned his kiss, but secretly wished he were still sucking on her Kittycat.

‘sweetheart,’ he whispered. ‘do you really like to suck dicks?’

‘sure,’ beamed the teen, not knowing whether she would like it or not.

‘do you want to suck mine?’ he eagerly asked.

‘sure, yes,’ she grinned. ‘I love to.’

Remembering how she had seen her big sister licking on Meka’s Joystick, she nervously grasped the base of Lekan’s Joystick in her finger and began lightly running her tongue up and down the length of it. Still a bit reluctant to take his big black-coloured Joystick-head into her mouth, she just traced the tip of her tongue around the thick point at the base of his swollen Joystick-head. Having never tongued a man’s hard Joystick before, she didn’t know exactly what to do, but she was going to give the old school try.

The sweaty male scent of his swollen Joystick was really turning the teenager on. Dropping her face lower between his legs, she cupped his lusty balls in her palm and began running her warm, moist tongue all over the hairy, smooth skin of his swollen nut-sac. Until just a few moments ago, Deborah had been afraid that the man’s Joystick and balls might taste and smell a little unpleasant, but she sure had been mistaken.

After sucking and licking on his nuts for several heavenly minutes, she finally raised up and covered his Joystick with her hot mouth.

‘Oh, God!’ panted Lekan, digging his finger into her hair. ‘This is fantastic!’

The cute little girl had never given a blow-job in her life, but the moment she had her first taste of hot Joystick, she instinctively knew what to do. Her mouth was soon flying up and down over his spit-drenched shadt as her tongued lapped excitedly around it.

‘That’s it, baby!’ he cried out. ‘Just keep suckin’! I’m almost there!’

‘Not on your life!’ she screamed, quickly removing her mouth from his Joystick and rolling onto her back. ‘I wanta be bleeped!’

‘Have you ever had S£x before?’ he excitedly asked as he crawled up between her spread thighs.

‘Nope,’ she beamed. ‘but I’m gonna have it now’

‘Oh, Deborah,’ he panted. ‘I shouldn’t be doing this.’

‘why not, doc?’ she giggled. ‘Not many guys get to bang a virgin these days.’

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 30, 2016 — 9:41 pm

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