Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 34


Written by Edygistville…

From that night on, Lekan often dropped by the apartment where he sucked and bleeped Deborah when Sandy was at the hospital. She was getting the sweet revenge she wanted on her sister, but she still needed to get even with Meka. She hadn’t spoken to him since the night she jacked him off, and he was completely unaware that Deborah had seen him Bleeping her big sister.

Leaving school one afternoon, Deborah was passing the student parking lot when she saw Meka with his best friend, Anthony Nnamdi. They were talking to Anthony elder brother, Bill Nnamdi who was showing them his new car.

Suddenly seeing an opportunity to get even with Meka, she walked over to join them, glad that she wasn’t wearing panties today.

“Hi, Bill. Hi Anthony,” she smiled. “That’s sure a neat set of wheels.”

“Hello, Deborah,” stammered Meka, surprised by her sudden appearance.

“Save it, fool,” she sneered. “I was talking to Bill and Anthony.”

There was suddenly a tense silence as the boys stared nervously at each other.

“It sure is beautiful,” she smiled at Bill, trying to break the silence.

“I like it,” he grinned. “I just got it yesterday.”

“wow, that’s a nice front seat,” she beamed. “Why don’t you and Anthony take me for a ride so we can break that seat in.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know,” she giggled, lifting the front of her skirt up until her Unclad little Kittycat was deliciously exposed to their shocked eyes. “I wanna be the first Kittycat to be bleeped in your new car.”

A loud silence suddenly came over the group as she crawled into the front seat.

“You don’t need that fool’s permission,” she said when she saw Bill glancing nervously at Meka. “He has nothing to say about who screws me or who doesn’t. He always has my sister to Bleep.”

Meka was stunned by his innocent girlfriend’s sudden change of behavior, but he was even more shocked that she knew he’d been Bleeping Sandra.

“Come on, let’s go,” she urged Bill. “I’m sure glad these aren’t Tokunbo.”

When Bill got into the car, she quickly shifted up closer to him to make room for his friend.

“You, too,” she called to Anthony. “I want both of you to Bleep me.”

Meka couldn’t believe what was happening as he watched the three of them drive out of the parking lot.

“Isn’t this big?” she beamed, resting a hand on each of their bulging crotches as they drove down the street.

“Where would you like to go?” Bill asked her.

“Let’s drive out by that small stream where we can be alone,” she suggested.

“Okay,” he grinned. “But you better keep your hands off my rooster until we get there or I’ll end up getting us all killed.”

“We don’t want that to happen,” she giggled, resting her head against the back of the seat.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 1, 2016 — 9:30 am

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