Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 37


Written by Edygistville…

“Ooooooooh! Ooohhhhhhh!” she screamed as his hot thick Pour gushed into her hot Bleep-hole. “I’m coming, Anthony! Oh, oh I’m coming!”

It was the most fantastic orgasm she ever had. Just as Anthony blasted his last drop into her Pour-soaked Kittycat, Bill brought the car to a screeching halt at the river bank.

“Now how about me?” grinned Bill, getting out of the car as Deborah climbed off of Anthony’s spent Joystick.

“Help yourself,” she grinned, spreading herself out on her back when Anthony stepped out. Her head was by the steering wheel and her feet pointed toward the passenger side as she lay with her legs spread for Bill who was walking around the car.

When Bill dropped his trousers, Deborah was more than delighted to see that his Joystick was every bit as big as Anthony’s had been. Smiling at the handsome youth as he moved up between her legs on the car seat, Deborah reached down and hungrily grasped his big black rooster in her hand.

To Be Continued…

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