Must Read: Nurse Sandra (18+)… Part 38


Written by Edygistville…

“Now Bleep me good, baby!” she moaned as he crawled farther up between her legs. With her eyes closed in anticipation, she clung to his meaty Joystick as it slowly advanced toward her Hot wet Kittycat.

“Jesus, that’s hard,” gasped Deborah as she gently squeezed his throbbing Joystick. Then her young body gave a violent tremor when the head of his Joystick deliciously brushed against her hot, slick Kittycat.

“Oh, Bill,” she wailed, grinding her Kittycat up against the swollen head of his long shaft. “Please, Bleep me good, honey.”

Trembling with excitement, she guided the black head of his lustfully advancing Joystick into her juice-slickened Kittycat-hole.

Feeling her hot young Kittycat-lips sensuously closing around his hard knob, Bill made a mighty push and drilled his lusty Joystick all the way into her little teenage Kittycat with one forceful thrust.

“Eeeeeggggghhhhh!” she screamed as his big Joystick pounded against her womb.

“Oh, poo, that feels good,” she whispered, screwing her body up closer against his, trying to get even more of his black rooster into her hungry wet Kittycat. twisting up against him, she could feel every vein and ridge of his blood-filled shaft rubbing deliciously against the sensitive membranes of her cuntal walls.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she sobbed as the boy’s big hard pole, glistening with her slippery juices, plunged in and out through the sucking hotness of her tight Kittycat. Deborah was almost beside herself from the intense ecstasy.

holding her young lover around his shoulders, she wildly threw her hips up to meet every thrust of his hard hammering Joystick. The open lips of her pink Kittycat were sucking and grasping at the base of his Joystick, trying to draw more and more of it into her greedy Kittycat.

Bill could feel the head of his Joystick swelling bigger and bigger as it slid in and out through the soft fleshy ridges of her tight squeezing Kittycat. It felt to him as if his big swollen Joystick would explode from the exquisite sensations being caused by Deborah’s hot, tight Bleep-hole.

“Oh, bill!” she loudly sobbed. “Bleep me harder and faster, honey!”

Standing by the side of the car, Anthony was almost out of his mind with excitement as he watched the couple Bleeping and groaning on the seat. He stared at Deborah’s cute,soft Unclad Buttocks and her soft thighs flung up over Bill’s back. Anthony’s brand-new hard-on was pulsing violently as he watched his friend’s juice-coated Joystick digging in and out of Deborah’s creamy Kittycat.

As Bill continued Bleeping into the Hot young girl at a faster pace, he could feel his Joystick ripping deeper and deeper into her hot Kittycat. His lusty Joystick was shiny with the hot Well-juices that were emanating from her tight Kittycat as he wildly bleeped into her.

“That’s it, baby!” she wailed as her young lover feverishly humped over her. “Bleep, honey, Bleep! Oh, so good … so good!”

Still standing by the car, Anthony began passionately stroking his Joystick as he watched the S£x-crazed couple on the seat. They looked like wild animals as their hot Unclad flesh slapped noisily together. The late afternoon air echoed with their squeals and moans as well as the wet sucking sound of Bill’s prick squeezing in and out of her wet young Kittycat.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 3, 2016 — 12:22 pm

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